US President Joe Biden in Warsaw

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Author: Ewelina Lach

While visiting Poland last week, US President Joe Biden met with Mayor of Warsaw Rafał Trzaskowski on Saturday. Among the locations he visited while in Warsaw was the PESEL national identification number processing centre at the PGE Narodowy Stadium.

President Joe Biden’s visit to Poland was a momentous event, coming at an important and difficult time for our region, a month into Ukraine’s efforts to stave off Russian aggression. It was not only about a symbolic gesture, but also hard, concrete politics. Through his visit, President Biden has sent a very powerful message on many levels, not only in relation to security concerns.

Above all, he made a strong statement about NATO’s unity in this testing time, reaffirming that the biggest Western superpower stood firm by its allies and highlighting its presence on NATO’s eastern flank in the face of a serious threat. And we heard a clear message of solidarity with our Ukrainian friends, supported by the important commitment by the US to accept 100,000 refugees, said Mayor of Warsaw Rafał Trzaskowski, commenting on President Joe Biden’s visit to Poland.

In his speech at the Royal Castle, President Biden spoke about the differences between the free world and autocratic regimes. He stated that democracy was built on law and truth, and that lie and lawlessness were the main tools of dictators, as proven by Russia's ongoing aggression against Ukraine and its grotesque explanations of it.

Their (Ukrainians’) heroic resistance is part of a larger struggle. A struggle for basic principles of democracy shared by all free people. The rule of law, fair and free elections, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of work – these are the founding principles of a free society. But they have always been attacked. Each generation had to fight with enemies of democracy, said US President Joe Biden.

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