Ukrainian Education Centre launched

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people sit in the headquarters of the education centre

Polish, English, IT courses and much more - are offered to refugees by the just-opened Ukrainian Education Centre in Warsaw. The Centre is located at 77/79 Marszałkowska Street, in a building which also houses the Service Point for Ukrainian Citizens run by the Labour Office of the City of Warsaw.

Ukrainian refugees will be able to develop their professional and language skills at the centre, as well as gaining relevant qualifications. Those in need will receive psychological support, and activities organised at Marszałkowska Street will help Ukrainian visitors better understand Polish culture. The neighbourhood of the Service Point for Ukrainian Citizens of the Warsaw City Labour Office will enable closer cooperation between the two institutions to develop various complementary forms of support for Ukrainian women and men, including in the field of selected labour market instruments.

The Ukrainian Education Centre offers:

  • learning the Polish language,
  • learning English,
  • IT courses,
  • soft skills improvement classes,
  • classes on Polish culture and history,
  • cultural and educational meeting.

All activities are free of charge. They are scheduled from Monday to Saturday from 16:30-21:00. A detailed programme can be found on a special website in Ukrainian.

The Ukrainian Education Centre is another partnership initiative with the City of Warsaw to benefit Ukrainian women and men. The Centre will be a significant addition to the city's offer for our Ukrainian guests, alongside such projects as the free 'Workspace-Ukraine' for refugees and female refugees and the Service Point for Ukrainian citizens run by the City of Warsaw Labour Office. I am convinced that due to the diversity of the offer, the activities of the Ukrainian Educational Centre will meet with great interest and may also become an inspiration for similar initiatives in other Polish cities," says Karolina Zdrodowska, Director Coordinator for Entrepreneurship and Social Dialogue at the Warsaw City Hall.

The Ukrainian Education Centre in Warsaw was established thanks to the cooperation of many partners: Warsaw City Hall, Warsaw Labour Office, Embassy of Ukraine, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Central European Initiative, Visegrad Foundation and Association of Innovative and Digital Education from Ukraine.