Two new parks

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Pole Mokotowskie Park. Fot. P.Wierzbowski
Pole Mokotowskie Park. Fot. P.Wierzbowski

The City of Warsaw has received EU funding to create two parks in the Ursus and Mokotów districts. They will cover nearly 10 ha of green areas, with water reservoirs and a variety of trees and bushes.

The Park around Służewiecki Pond

A new park located at the corner of Puławska Street and W. Rzymowskiego Street will cover an area of 5.11 ha, over 90 percent of which has a biologically active surface. The main attraction is the Służewiecki Stream running through the park. The works have already begun, and the key milestone was the recreation of the natural flow-through lake on the stream. A dam, a pedestrian bridge and a pier were built, along with three islands for waterfowl with natural water plants and plants living near water.

Further plans include viewing hills, alleys, lighting, street furniture and planting – including 115 trees, bushes, and also water plants and plants living near water. An open-air gym has also been planned. A dog zone will also be created – an area with exercise equipment where our pets can run around freely. The overall anticipated cost of the park amounts to about PLN 10 million and the works are due to be completed in autumn this year. The EU funding will amount to PLN 7 million.

The EKOPark on K. Gierdziejewskiego Street

The area intended for the park is a strip of land along K. Gierdziejowskiego Street, between Warszawska, Czerwona Droga, Wolności and Orłów Piastowskich Streets. Today, it is about 4.44 ha of idle land. This is going to be a different park from the one by the Służewiecki Stream – it will be wilder and more natural. The project provides for the clearing of the area and dividing it into various zones, from wild meadows, and mixed areas (including wetland) to lawns, which will create favourable living conditions for various animal species. Small hills-embankments will be created and planted, providing protection from noise and air pollution from neighbouring roads.

The project provides for plantings intended as food for insects and small animals, and hence the plans also include nesting boxes, birdbaths and bushes in the form of a hedge providing shelter and nesting conditions for numerous bird species. A system of bioretention basins collecting water from the entire park was designed. The overall cost will amount to approx. PLN 10 million. The construction works will begin in 2018 and are due to be completed within about two years.  The EU funding will amount to PLN 7 million.
Eleven new parks have been added over the last ten years, and Warsaw currently has 76 parks with a total area of approx. 715 ha.