Tourism in Warsaw. Report 2015

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The Old Town. Fot. Z.Panów
The Old Town. Fot. Z.Panów

How many tourists visited Warsaw, how did they get there, what were the most popular locations and how much money did they spend? These are some of the questions answered in the second edition of the publication entitled “Tourism in Warsaw. Report 2015”.

Warsaw is open to tourists. Together with the infrastructure, the cultural, entertainment and culinary opportunities have emerged. The major international events which have been organised in the capital in the recent years are starting to bear fruit, as more and more people – both Poles and foreigners  – are curious about our city”, said Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz, Mayor of Warsaw.

In 2015, nearly 8.5 million people visited our city. That number includes foreign and domestic tourists, and the group referred to in the report as “visitors”. In the foreign-tourists group, Germans were the most numerous (20%). The people visiting our city – both Poles and foreigners – most often cited sightseeing and visiting family and friends (38% and 15%, and 26% and 14% respectively) as the purpose of the visit, with a major proportion of the latter visiting Poland to become familiar with our culture, history and local customs (15%).

All tourists considered the Old Town and the Łazienki Park to be the greatest tourist attractions of the city; however, the Palace of Culture and Science is also worth mentioning, as it earned the third place in popularity among foreign and fifth among Polish tourists.  
Tourists think highly of both the infrastructure and the attractions of Warsaw. The accommodation resource was positively assessed by 87% of the tourists, and the cultural events garnered good reviews among 86%, the sporting events among 72% and the street cleanness among 81% of respondents. On a 10-point scale, Warsaw was given a rating of 7.85 by visitors. The same percentage of both Polish and foreign tourists, i.e. 95%, turned out to be willing to recommend visiting Warsaw to their friends.

Tourists from European countries consider Warsaw to be first and foremost a city with an interesting history (65%), culture and art (51%), and a thriving city (42%).
The report also extensively included results of rankings which evaluated the quality of various aspects of life in the city; accessibility and hotel infrastructure were evaluated and summarised, and lastly the question of prices’ matching the quality of cultural events was raised. The frequency and length of stays were also determined. The thriving meetings industry of the capital was characterised and the city’s conference industry was assessed.

The “Tourism in Warsaw. Report 2015” publication was prepared on the basis of more than 120 different sources: reports and studies, press releases and articles, web pages, and information collected directly from Warsaw institutions. “Tourism in Warsaw. Report 2015” was created by the city’s Tourism Department in Polish and English. It is available for download on the Official Tourist Portal of Warsaw on