Toughen your body in the Vistula District – time to start!

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Sauna in the Vistula District. On the left there is an orange lifebelt hanging on the outside railing, while on the right a picture is visible on the sauna door featuring a man jumping into the water.

Surviving the autumn-and-winter season in high spirits and good health is quite a challenge. That is why the Vistula District – starting from Monday, 22 November – invites Varsovians to winter bathing and saunaing. These currently popular forms of recreation are also a great immune system booster.

This year, the Vistula District has prepared something truly unique for Warsaw residents – a floating Finnish sauna. The wooden two-deck structure has already been launched and will operate daily. Inside, the sauna is featured by a panoramic window and outside by a sun terrace, ideal for both those relaxing and those who wish to combine saunaing with sporting activities ‒ and there is never a shortage of these in the Vistula District. For those interested, there are also scheduled sessions, among other things, with music and lectures on the pro-healthy dimension of saunaing. Next year it will be possible to use saunas also in other locations on the Vistula River.

A sauna on water is something that has never been experienced in the Capital. The inhabitants of Warsaw can not only warm up, but also – thanks to a panoramic window – enjoy the view of the Vistula landscape. The experience is so extraordinary that while calming down you can hear the murmur of the river and feel the steady sway of the waves, as noted by Jan Piotrowski, Plenipotentiary of the Mayor of Warsaw for the Vistula River.

The Vistula Sauna is a project financed from the civic budget of the City of Warsaw.

The Vistula Sauna – the only such facility in the city

The Vistula Sauna has moored at 3 Zaruskiego Street in the Czerniakowski Harbour. It has been operating since 22 November and is open daily from 6:00 a.m. till midnight, thus being the longest-running sauna in the Capital. Furthermore, during the first week of its operation it could be used free of charge, and in the subsequent weeks free saunaing is offered between 8:00 a.m. and noon, between 2:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m., and between 5:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. Outside these hours, a 60-minute sauna session costs from PLN 25 to PLN 35, and a 120-minute session – from PLN 45 to PLN 55. Exclusive use of the sauna is also possible for an appropriate fee. It can accommodate up to 8 people. The sauna is accompanied by a modern glazed floating area with a relaxation zone, equipped with comfortable heated infrared chairs, which will enhance saunaing even more. Advance booking is required to use the sauna and all additional features. It can be done through the website:, at: or by phone: 791 197 500.

From the sauna to the Vistula River

The Vistula District invariably encourages Varsovians not only to saunaing, but also to winter bathing. Winter baths are becoming increasingly popular year by year. They constitute a fantastic way to toughen up as well as an excellent method of overcoming your limits, especially in combination with the sauna, when you have to break it up and enter the water while being extremely warmed up. This is why the Vistula District has planned the “Winter bathing and saunaing” activity, where immediately after saunaing, under the supervision of a lifeguard, it will be possible to reach the winter bathing venue in the Vistula River by boat. Other attractions for active Varsovians include the “Paddle and sauna” activity, where after swimming in a rented kayak or a SUP, i.e. a surfboard with a paddle, you will be able to use the sauna, or “Must Be the Poet”, i.e. reading poetry in the sauna. Every Saturday there will also be an opportunity to participate in pilates, yoga and body art classes. All these activities in the Vistula District will take place periodically, and the schedule can be found on Facebook.

The Vistula District does not forget about enthusiasts of the traditional form of winter bathing. The Vistula District’s Winter Bathing School has already started its fourth season of ice bathing in the river. Both the regulars and all newcomers who want to try the adventure of winter bathing are invited to the ZOO/Rusałka city beach. Every Sunday until 12 December, the participants can toughen their bodies in the Vistula River. The condition for participation is accepting the rules and regulations (available on Facebook) and at the training site, at the registration points), as well as meeting the current health and sanitary requirements. There is a limit of places.