Long term (season) tickets on mobile devices

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an image showing a smartphone and city card

A free app: mobiWAWA, with which you can buy long-term (season) tickets for trips by Warsaw Public Transport, is already there! It is another facility that allows the passengers to buy tickets anytime, anywhere.

It has long been possible to buy single and short-term tickets via mobile devices – this service is offered by six commercial applications. Now, it is also possible to buy long-term (season) tickets using the urban mobiWAWA application. If, while standing at the stop on the way to work, a passenger realizes that their ticket has expired and this passenger wants to top up the Warsaw City Card, they do not need to use the ticket machine or visit the Passenger Service Point. It is enough to have a smartphone with an installed app.

mobiWAWA supports the Warsaw City Card, Warsaw Resident’s Card, Student Card and the purchase of season tickets. It can be used to purchase 30- and 90-day tickets, including Warsaw Resident’s tickets, with the exception of metropolitan tickets (Warsaw+ offer for residents of agglomerations). The app can be downloaded via mojaWARSZAWA, the WTP website or directly from the App Store and Google Play.

How it works

You can purchase a ticket by registering a user account in the application and logging in. The ticket purchased via the application may be managed – activated, suspended or unsuspended, as well as prolonged, i.e. by purchasing the same ticket again.

The application allows you to present tickets for inspection. On an active ticket, the user will find a button saying "QR CODE of the TICKET"  – upon clicking this button, the user's name and surname will be displayed on the phone screen, the current photo, the type of ticket, its expiry date and the QR code, which appears to ticket controllers in the WTP vehicle and in the metro ticket zone.

The application opens the subway gates if the user has an active season ticket. All they have to do is select "Subway Entrance" – this will generate a QR code and open the gate. With the mobiWAWA application, students who have a Student Card will be able to prove their entitlement to free rides on their smartphone.

Offers for the holders of the Warsaw Resident's Card

Warsaw residents can use the offers of various companies and institutions that cooperate with the city under the "Warsaw Resident's Card" program.

The users of the mobiWAWA app can read the details of a given offer, such as a discount on a certain service provided in the capital city, and add it to their "favorite offers". All of the offers are available in the catalogue of offers – just select a discount or service, generate its QR code and present it in a given company or organization.

In the future, the application will be extended with additional functionalities.