Three thousand new trees in Wawer

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Three thousand new trees in Wawer
Three thousand new trees in Wawer

Three thousand new trees in Wawer 3,300 new trees were planted in the Sobieski Forest. Once again the "Partnership for Climate" organisation carried out the plantings together with City of Warsaw officials, diplomats and NGOs. The action was also joined by school pupils.

"Plants improve air quality and help counteract climate change: they retain water, which is especially important during draughts and floods. This is why investing in the city's green areas is among the four main pillars of the Warsaw for Climate programme. It's pleasing to see various communities uniting around the cause of caring for the environment," said Rafał Trzaskowski, Mayor of Warsaw.

During the meeting of "Partnership for Climate", which has already become a tradition, City of Warsaw officials, ambassadors and diplomats representing over a dozen countries together planted trees  in Wawer near the building of the Warsaw City Forests. There was also a symbolic planting of the linden tree to mark the Year of Tolerance celebrated in the United Arab Emirates. Pupils from Primary School No. 307 also joined the action, together with members of the Climate Protection Group and representatives of NGOs, who planted the first batch of the saplings on 24 October. Melliferous lindens, maples and spruces will become part of the Sobieski Forest, and when they grow bigger, they will also provide animals with food.

What is the Partnership for Climate?
The Partnership for Climate project, coordinated by the City of Warsaw, was launched in 2008 as a cooperation platform for environmental protection. The Partnership's members are organisations and institutions representing various communities, including governmental administration bodies, embassies, companies, NGOs and other institutions for which care for air quality and climate is a priority. In the new version of the platform, members are collaborating within the following focus areas: renewable energy sources and energy efficiency, environmental education, electromobility and innovative transport, sustainable construction, clean air and sustainable development financing.  

It's time for autumn plantings in Warsaw
As part of Warsaw's Climate Plan, the Warsaw City Forests received more than 50 ha of area, where 310,000 trees will be planted over the next 3-4 years. The autumn plantings are being carried out, with over 100,000 saplings to be planted by foresters by mid-November.