Those who ask can find what they are looking for

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phones, bags, notebooks from the Lost Property Office are on the table
Author: Rafał Motyl

Documents, telephones, watches and electronics - these are the most common items lost by Warsaw residents. In 2021, the capital’s Lost Property Office accepted 6,600 items for safekeeping, 400 more than the year before.

What are the most commonly lost items? 

On 15 Dzielna Street, where the capital’s Lost Property Office is located, nearly 4,400 documents and 2,200 items were brought last year. These included: wallets, money, 356 telephones, 125 watches, 45 tablets, 31 bicycles, 31 laptops, 16 e-book readers and 9 cameras. A total of 20 pieces of jewellery found in the city were also deposited for safekeeping. 

The items are delivered mainly by institutions - the police, the city guard, Warsaw Metro, Chopin Airport or shopping centres. 

We do our best to identify their owners, assures the Lost Property Office staff. We call the phone numbers found on business cards in briefcases or documents, or the last-dialled numbers on mobile phones, or contact them by e-mail, provided of course that this is possible and the device has not been blocked. In the case of blocked telephones we pass on the information to the relevant operator. 

Additionally, the Lost Property Office accepts notices from the Polish Post Office in cases involving parcels and undeliverable remittances. 

What if there is no contact information on the item? The Office estimates that around 12% of such items are returned to their owners each year. 

How to receive lost items? 

In order to receive lost items at the municipal office at 15 Dzielna Street, it is necessary to present a proof of purchase or other document confirming ownership. When this is not possible (e.g. in the case of a wedding ring, watch or ring) - it will be necessary to describe the lost item in detail, specify its specific features and indicate the circumstances and potential place of loss. 

The property shall be kept for two years from the date on which it was found. After that time the ownership title passes to the finder, provided that he or she collects the item within the specified time limit. If the finder fails to collect the item, pursuant to Article 19(1) of the Found Property Act, the owner becomes the Capital City of Warsaw. 

So far, 848 items, including 229 tablets, 105 mobile phones, 90 laptops, 77 bicycles, 57 cameras, 34 e-books and 256 other items have been transferred free of charge for the implementation of tasks of the organisational units of the Office of the Capital City of Warsaw as well as auxiliary and organisational units of the Capital City of Warsaw. 

Of these items, 146 tablets and 41 laptops were donated to a collection of computers for Warsaw schoolchildren. This action was initiated by the Youth Council of the Capital City of Warsaw. 

Where to look for lost property? 

Announcements concerning lost items are published in the Public Information Bulletin, on the information board of the Lost Property Office and on the Electronic Bulletin Board of the City of Warsaw. Information on the opening hours of the Office and contact details is available on the website. The Office is open from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday to Friday. It is located at 15 Dzielna Street.