The Year of Fryderyk Chopin comes to an end

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Robert Trzaska
Robert Trzaska

The commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the composer's birth came officially to a close in Warsaw. The 2010 celebration is the first of the triad of events whereby Poland is expected to take center stage. Commemorating Fryderyk Chopin's anniversary in 2010, taking up the rotating presidency of the council of the European Union as of July 2011, and hosting the 2012 UEFA Championships – these are undeniably immense opportunities for Poland, even more so for the city of Warsaw. Undoubtedly, the 2010 Year of Chopin was a success.

Despite the number of events happening around the world, extensive coverage from the world's top news media leaves no doubt that Warsaw has seen its largest image-making campaign in recent times.

Moreover, the 2010 Year of Chopin was an incredible one, for a great number of educational and artistic projects were held throughout the country, along with several concerts and exhibitions.

A look at Warsaw through Chopin's eye

The 2010 Year of Chopin has given the city of Warsaw a favorable perception. Only 20% of Warsovian associated the city with the Chopin's youth. This association rose to 33% in this year's Chopin.

The celebration of Chopin's anniversary was notably marked with educational activities: A substantial number of books were published; a variety of educational multimedia and lesson plans were also distributed, along with the creation of a music library and educational portals.

As expected, two places drew people in droves during the commemoration.

More than a hundred-thousand people visited the Fryderyk Chopin Museum between May and November 2010, and similarly Zelazowa Wola attracted people in thousandfold.

The Chopin road in Warsaw is usually visited and is on fast-track to fame owing to the musical benches.

Opinions from the world

From the world’s newspapers there come the voices to Warsaw about Chopin Year:

Reuters - Poland is celebrating the 200th birthday of one of its most famous sons, composer Frederic Chopin, with a week-long marathon of recitals of his music, a commemorative bank note and a new state-of-the-art museum. (read more)

New York Times - Chopin's Warsaw (read more)

The Telegraph - Chopin belongs to us, says Poland. In the composer’s bicentenary year, his homeland is vigorously renewing its claim on him. (...) This year, marking the bicentenary of his birth, the nation is reasserting its claim on him. Moreover, through a whole raft of projects, Poland is destined to be the prime focus of the international celebrations. (read more)

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung - 200 Jahre Chopin. Die Welt spricht nur in Tönen. Es gibt keine Jugendsünde und keine Alterstorheit von Frédéric Chopin. Was er hinterlässt, als er 1849 viel zu jung stirbt, ist vollendet. Aber was ist so neu an dieser Musik gewesen? Antworten zum zweihundertsten Geburtstag des polnischen Komponisten. (read more)

Die Welt - Heute wäre Frédéric Chopin 200 Jahre alt geworden. Sein Geburtsland Polen feiert ihn als Musiker und als Nationalhelden. Sein Geburtsort ist eine Pilgerstätte und in Warschau werden Chopin-Weihnachtsengel und Chopin-Wodka verkauft. Doch der Kitsch kann seiner Kunst nichts anhaben. (read more)

La Monde - Entre Pologne et France, les deux Chopin (read more)

Robert Trzaska
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Robert Trzaska
Robert Trzaska
Robert Trzaska
Robert Trzaska
Robert Trzaska
Robert Trzaska