The World Youth Day in Poland – help organising it!

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The World Youth Day in Poland – help organising it!
The World Youth Day in Poland – help organising it!

The voluntary service during the World Youth Day - in the Warsaw "Days in Dioceses" is a unique opportunity to meet interesting people from around the world and form new friendships. It is also a once-in-a-lifetime chance to truly get to know who you really are and test your abilities and character. We are waiting for you!

Days in Dioceses in Warsaw are a part of nationwide preparations for World Youth Day 2016. As always, during important events such as this one, the city authorities organise voluntary services in the city to help organise the stay of the guests and tourists, and to help with the related events.

Any person can be a volunteer during the Days in Dioceses in Warsaw, as long as they are 18, by 20 May 2016 and have filled in a registration form. The registration system for volunteers is open until 17 April 2016. The candidates to be volunteers must be willing to cooperate with others, have a positive attitude and speak English well. Knowledge of other languages will be an added advantage.

The organisation of the work
The voluntary service during the Days in Dioceses in Warsaw will require about 1000 volunteers. They will be assigned to specific areas in accordance with the options selected on their registration forms.

Training sessions
Every volunteer is obliged to participate in training sessions, which are organised in order to give them the necessary information and prepare them to perform their tasks. The training sessions are divided into two segments. The first one is general training, including a first-aid course, intercultural communication skills, knowledge on city management during the Days in Dioceses, voluntary service, and safety rules.

Every volunteer will be granted accident insurance, a voluntary-service agreement, an outfit, meals and beverages, free fares on public transport during the volunteer work, access to the Volunteer Centre, a certificate, positive energy and unforgettable memories. For details on the voluntary-service project and application forms visit: The voluntary-service manual is available on the website.