The world’s narrowest building built

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A narrow gap between two buildings at the Chłodna and Żelazna Streets junction now houses the narrowest building in the world. At its widest point it measures 152cm. It will welcome artists invited from all over the world.

The housewarming ceremony was attended by the President of the City of Warsaw,
Mrs Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz, and the first occupant of the premises was Etgar Keret, an Israeli writer of Polish descent.

“This place illustrates the saying that “happiness comes from little things”. This project, designed with artists in mind, will have a different meaning for everyone. For me, because of its location, it embodies the act of bridging different gaps. In its vicinity there is a symbolic footbridge, commemorating the passage to the ghetto during World War II. I believe that, similarly to the passage, this house will connect and bridge,” said Mrs Gronkiewicz-Waltz before opening the house. “I wish to thank Mr Etgar Keret for his commitment to looking after this place and I hope that he will find lots of inspiration here”, the President said to the house’s first resident.

As an inseparable element of the project, the house will offer a residential programme, where, following invitations by a jury, presided over by Mr Etgar Keret, Poland will welcome worldwide artists. The programme will feature lectures and workshops by selected guests. Its participants will be familiarised with the history and culture of the capital city and will produce works of art and culture pertaining to Warsaw. This international residential programme, launched at the very core of the Warsaw district of Wola, will provide the foundations for creative work and will form an important platform for intellectual exchange in Poland. Each edition will be accompanied by various cultural events connected with the current resident’s artistic interests.

The project is organised by the Polish Modern Art Foundation. It was launched with the aid of funds contributed by the City of Warsaw.

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