The Warsaw Rising Museum to be extended

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The Warsaw Rising Museum to be extended
The Warsaw Rising Museum to be extended

The results of the competition for the extension and modernisation of the Warsaw Rising Museum were announced on 19 November, at the Warsaw Branch of the Association of Polish Architects. The first prize, amounting to PLN 66,000 gross, and an invitation to negotiate a contract for the preparation of documentation under a single-source procedure was awarded to the Nizio Design studio.

The symbolism of the Warsaw Rising Museum and its significance for Warsaw are indisputable. This place a crucial part of the urban fabric, which over the last 15 years was the primary object attracting tourists and residents,” said Michał Olszewski, Deputy Mayor of Warsaw. Exactly 3 years ago we started work on the idea of including the entire Towarowa Street in the project. One of the results of this work was to orient the Museum towards this street. The competition in question and the received works answer these needs. We want the Warsaw Rising Museum to be open to Towarowa Street, which is to become a representative place building a new identity of this dynamically developing part of Wola,” he added.

The premises of the competition
The extension of the Museum includes the entrance buildings, enabling visitors to get to the museum complex from Towarowa Street. The new land development form should create a place which, although clearly related to the activity of the Museum, must retain a fully autonomous nature. The new public space and the materials used and their arrangement is intended to promote the sustainable use of nature, implement the principle of availability and retain a friendly - human scale of space, structural landscaping elements, materials used and express harmony with the environment, etc. In addition to the aforementioned functions, the site will invite visitors to relax and benefit from the cultural package on offer, by using existing green areas or promoting new planting, as well as tapping the potential of natural materials.

The winning concept will serve as a basis for developing the design documents facilitating the implementation of the project. The participant in the competition whose work is regarded by the Competition Jury as the best, will be invited to negotiations, under a single-source procedure, to particularise the submitted work, by preparing design documents.

The extension of the Warsaw Rising Museum will be financed, among others, by the City of Warsaw.