The Vistula District opens the season

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Diversely, culturally, and actively by the river. The Summer Season by the Vistula will open on the weekend of May 21 and 22. This year it will be combined with the Cultural Diversity Day.

 Vistula and the Vistula Riverside are beloved by the residents of Warsaw and tourists. Entire families, the elderly, young people, runners, cyclists, they all meet by the river. In recent months, many people from the East have found refuge in the capital. The Wisła Dla Wszystkich (Vistula for all) slogan, promoted within the Vistula District, has taken on a broader meaning. Therefore, this year's program of the Opening of the Summer Season by the river and the Cultural Diversity Day is addressed to all age groups and nationalities. The event constitutes a good moment to show the Vistula District and its openness to visitors from Ukraine. That is why the City Hall presents, on the one hand, polish culture and traditions of the Vistula River, and, on the other hand, it brings Eastern culture closer to the residents of Warsaw.

– Due to the pandemic, for the last two years we have not celebrated the opening of the season by the Vistula, so this year we want to do it with twice as much power. The flag of Cultural Diversity Day hangs over the event. We want to invite our new neighbours to the river. I believe that the beauty and richness of the Vistula District will enchant everyone and allow to take a deep breath. It is also important that it is possible to have a great time here without spending any money – says Jan Piotrowski, Plenipotentiary of the Mayor of the Capital City of Warsaw for the Vistula.

All events planned for the upcoming weekend will be concentrated in the area of Czerniakowski Port. It is a unique location, still undiscovered by many residents of Warsaw. Residents can enjoy water activities for all age groups - training and workshops in sailing, rowing, stand-up paddle, and canoeing.

On land, there will be workshops for entire families – from embroidery, through screen printing, and up to dancing. They will be available in summer cafes located between the Flotylla Wiślańska Boulevard and the Czerniakowski Port. In restaurants and bars – Grunt i Woda, Pawilon Fala, Miami Wars, as well as Miejsce – a special weekend Polish-Ukrainian menu will also be available.

The very heart of the event will consist in a stage at the Płyta Desantu monument. It will be possible to see a performance by the Granda z Urzecza group, but excellent folk bands are also going to perform – Polish Sutari and a star from Kiev, which this year will be applauded during the largest European summer festivals – Go_A.

Workshops and concerts

Detailed program of the "Otwarcie Sezonu Letniego nad Wisłą – Dzień Różnorodności Kulturowej" (Opening of the Summer Season by the Vistula River – Cultural Diversity Day):

Saturday 21.05.2022

Events on land

11.00-14.00 Art workshop for children – Miami Wars | Flotylla Pińska Boulevard

12.00 Embroidery workshop – Grunt i Woda | Flotylla Wiślańska Boulevard

12.00-16.00 Sauna workshops with a sauna master – Sauna Wisła | Czerniakowski Port

12.00 Conversation "Cultural diversity as the driving force for innovation" with the Mayor of the Capital City of Warsaw and the Mayor of the Czech Prague Grunt i Woda | Flotylla Wiślańska Boulevard

13.15 Desant z Urzecza - a show by the Granda z Urzecza group – Stage | Płyta Desantu monument

15.00 Traditional dances workshop – Pawilon Fala | Płyta Desantu monument

15.00 Urzecze dance workshops – Beach by the Płyta Desantu monument

19.30 Concert by Sutari – Stage| Płyta Desantu monument

20.30 Concert by GO_A – Stage | Płyta Desantu monument

Events on water

The beach by the Płyta Desantu monument. Time 12-19 Sailing workshops – Omega class

Bridge at the Port of Warsaw | Czerniakowski Port. 12-19 SUP Workshop. 12-19 Canoeing class. 12-19 Rowing workshops

Bridge at Sauna Wisła | Czerniakowski Port. 12-17 Sailing workshops for children – Optimist class


Sunday 22.05.2022

11.00 A guided walk around the Czerniakowski Port. Port Administration Office| Czerniakowski Port

12.00 Culinary workshops for the entire family - taste Młynci. Grunt i Woda | Flotylla Wiślańska Boulevard

14.00-17.00 Vistula screen printing workshops. Miejsce | Czerniakowski Port

20.00 Concert by Karolina Cicha & Spółka. Miami Wars | Flotylla Pińska Boulevard