The Varsovian Olympians Gala

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The Varsovian Olympians Gala
The Varsovian Olympians Gala

Thanks, awards and Brazilian samba. The official Varsovian Olympians Gala has taken place at the Starzyński Hall of the Palace of Culture and Science. Nearly 90 athletes were awarded diplomas of merit in recognition of their achievements during the Olympic Games in Rio by the Mayor of Warsaw and the Chairperson of the City Council.

We applaud and admire you for your efforts, diligence and great results. We have witnessed your great performances, fights to the finish, overcoming of weaknesses, passion and determination, said Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz, Mayor of Warsaw, during the meeting with the athletes. “We had the privilege to observe not only sports competitions but first and foremost the triumph of mind over matter. Such perseverance and consistency in pursuit of one’s goals can be an example to us all, not only athletes. Willingness is the key that leads to success and allows you to become an Olympian. You are willing and for that I would like to thank you”.

In recognition of your services to the City of Warsaw and sporting achievements during the XXXI Summer Olympic Games and the XV Summer Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, ten medallists were awarded prizes of the City of Warsaw (by the Warsaw City Council) and sporting awards of the City of Warsaw (By the Mayor of Warsaw).

The amount of PLN 166 thousand was allocated for the awards for the athletes.

The capital also remembers the youngest athletes. The young Varsovian athletes in the years 2007-2016 received sport scholarships from the City of Warsaw in the total amount of over PLN 16 million.  So far 3700 students have been granted sports scholarships. Among them are representatives of many different fields, including rowers, track and field athletes, fencers, judoists, bridge players, chess players, gymnasts and boxers. In 2016 alone, the amount of PLN 1.9 million was allocated for sports scholarships. This year scholarships have been awarded to 374 athletes, who distinguished themselves in competitions in the year 2015.

Warsaw also invests in sports infrastructure. In the years 2007-2016, numerous sports venues were built in the capital. These investments include sports grounds, seasonal ice rinks and open-air gyms. In the years 2007-2016, Warsaw spent over PLN 855 million on sports and leisure investments.