The U.S. President to visit Warsaw

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Sunny day view of gardens, streets and places around the Royal Castle from the side of Wisłostrada, photo from above
Author: Cezary Warś

This is the second time this year that the President of the United States will visit Warsaw. Joe Biden will be giving a speech in the Royal Castle Gardens; you can attend the event in person after registering in advance. During the visit, changes in traffic organisation in the city centre and on the route from the Warsaw Chopin Airport are to be expected.

Invitation to the U.S. President's speech on Tuesday

As the 1st year anniversary of Russia's aggression against Ukraine approaches, the U.S. President, Joe Biden will arrive in Warsaw. According to U.S. diplomats, during the visit he will personally thank Poland for its actions in the face of the war.

The Mayor of Warsaw, Rafał Trzaskowski, announced exceptional security measures in connection with the ongoing hostilities beyond our eastern border. He appointed a staff team that will coordinate the work of all municipal services. It will operate at the Capital Safety Centre located at Młynarska Street.

The U.S. Embassy invites you to attend the speech of the U.S. President, Joe Biden, on Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. in the Royal Castle Gardens. You will need to register for the event by visiting this website. Gates will open at 2 p.m. Security checks are to be expected. Large bags, rucksacks, umbrellas as well as banners, posters or flags will not be permitted. It is best to get to the event by public transport and walk from the side of Wybrzeże Gdańskie.

Street closures and traffic difficulties

Major traffic changes will be introduced in the coming days, which will primarily cover the area of Warsaw's inner city, as well as the Old Town. Parking will not be available on many streets due to organisational and security requirements during the visit of the U.S. President and high representatives of other countries.

Parking exclusions will also apply to designated parking spaces, bays and pavements.

During the passage of the columns of vehicles with representatives of the guests, the police will temporarily suspend traffic on selected streets in the city centre. Certain restrictions may also apply to pedestrians and cyclists. These will mainly affect the area around hotels, the Presidential Palace and the Royal Castle.

Due to the nature of the event, information is subject to change or additions. During the U.S. President's stay in Warsaw, state services may operationally decide to shut down other streets as well. The City Hall recommends avoiding the centre of Warsaw from Tuesday morning until Wednesday night. Drivers are asked to follow the instructions of police officers, State Protection Service officers and the Municipal Police.

Changes in the Warsaw public transport services

Major changes to bus and tram routes are expected. As more streets are closed to traffic by the police, public transport vehicles will be directed to diversion routes via the nearest passable streets and their routes may also be shortened. For this reason, several bus lines will change their routes on Tuesday and Wednesday so that they do not go to the areas of the city where the greatest traffic changes are expected:

On Tuesday and Wednesday, passengers will be assisted by a dozen information officers. At key locations, they will direct people to the best available means of transport. Dozens of traffic surveillance instructors will be working on Warsaw's streets. The latest information on the operation of public transport will be available on the WTP's website and on social media in a 'live' report from the streets of Warsaw on Tuesday at 6 a.m. – 9 p.m. and on Wednesday at 6 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Information about changes in traffic organisation can be found at: and on Announcements regarding the routes of Warsaw Public Transport vehicles are available at: Additional information can also be found on the website of the Warsaw Contact Centre 19115.