The Seminar Smart Cities set in motion

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Robert Trzaska
Robert Trzaska. City of Warsaw

The Mayor of Warsaw Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz and the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Denmark Thomas Østrup Møller held a seminar on the concept of "Smart Cities" inside the newly built Embassy.

- Schools are introducing the idea of Intelligent Management. Our aim is to reduce energy consumption by promoting energy savings bulbs. We will continue to strengthen our public transport by means of bus lanes, while trams take precedence -  the Mayor of Warsaw says.

- Overflowing with people willing to take initiatives, Warsaw has evolved into a dynamic city. Both cities – Warsaw, Copenhagen – look forward to a mutually enjoyable exchange of ideas, as it stands in today's meeting - added the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Denmark, Thomas Østrup Møller.

In the course of the short seminar "Smart Cities" the possiblity of a closer cooperation between Warsaw and Copenhagen was on the agenda. They aslo agreed to lead all aspects of the Smart Cities' projects. Moreover cooperations between both cities concern strategic areas such as energy management and wastewater in the city.