The PIT lottery in Warsaw has started

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Settle your PIT in Warsaw and win a car!

Why is it worth settling the PIT in the capital? Tax funds help to develop the city. New schools, buses, support for families and the needy - these are only some of the tasks for which the funds can be allocated. This year, the residents have one more reason to settle their taxes in Warsaw. You can win a car and other attractive prizes in the PIT lottery organised by the city.

Every year, the city encourages its residents to settle their accounts in the capital. An element of this year's campaign is the „Płać PIT w Warszawie” ["Pay your PIT in Warsaw"] lottery, which started on Sunday, January 15. You do not have to be registered in the capital to participate. It is enough to indicate the capital city of Warsaw as the place of residence in the PIT tax declaration for 2022 and by May 31 at the latest fill out the application form at Each participant has a chance to win a hybrid car and other attractive prizes: electric bicycles or smartwatches.

This is the first lottery of this kind organised by the capital.

Why settle accounts in Warsaw?

It is estimated that more than 2 million people live in Warsaw, of which only less than 1.5 million settle their PIT in the capital. These missing tax revenues would allow for further investments and the development of services for the residents. Environmentally friendly public transport, maintenance of existing and construction of new educational and cultural institutions, better social care and health care - these are only some of the tasks for which the city could allocate additional PIT funds.

For the past year, you have to settle down with the tax office by May 2, 2023 at the latest.