The Night of Museums – 14 May

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The Night of Museums – 14 May
The Night of Museums – 14 May

Warsaw is pleased to invite its residents and tourists to another Night of Museums, whose range of cultural attractions has been growing year by year.

"When Warsaw embarked on the Night of Museums venture 13 years ago, the project involved 11 institutions, all of them museums,” said Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz.  "In 2016 there are more than 250 institutions participating in the Night of Museums. Despite this multitude and variety, the Night of Museums has not lost its original profile and remains true to its core objective of promoting museum collections. This year's Night of Museums, to take place on 14 May, will showcase as many as 52 museums. It is these institutions that are at the core of this cultural event, providing free access for visitors to see permanent or special exhibitions.”

"The idea of having non-cultural institutions join the Night of Museums came about in 2009 and met with a very positive response from the event attendees. Statistics show, however, that it is museums that mainly attract visitors at night. It is Warsaw's museums that have seen record-breaking turnouts, with 10 to 15 thousand visitors on a single night," added Ms Gronkiewicz-Waltz.

The 2015 turnout exceeded 300 k visitors. Record-breaking turnouts were recorded by:
•    The Museum of King Jan III's at Wilanów – 20,369;
•    The Royal Łazienki Museum – 15,000;
•    The Museum of the Polish Army – 13,350;
•    The Royal Castle – 10,350;
•    The National Museum – 10,304;
•    The Warsaw Uprising Museum – 6,300
•    The Museum of Praga (last year's first-time participant) – 3,100

Veterans and beginners
This year's edition includes 252 institutions, with a record number of first-time participants (40 institutions, including the Security Centre of Warsaw, Sinfonia Varsovia, the ArcelorMittal Steel Meel (shelter), Legia Warszawa, the National Audiovisual Institute, the Money Centre of the National Bank of Poland, the Muslim Cultural Museum, and as many as three new museums, including the Warsaw Archdiocese Museum, Dulag 21 in Pruszków and the Katyń Museum).
It is for the first time that the list features a local-government instititution – the Security Centre of Warsaw. This place will certainly attract many residents ahead of the NATO summit and World Youth Day.

The Centre will showcase its Integrated Coordination and Response Station, the Emergency Reporting Centre and the general staff room, where the Municipal General Staff held its meetings during EURO 2012.
The Warsaw City Guard will showcase some interesting "behind-the-scenes" facts about its work.
Moreover, the transport equipment of the Security and Crisis Management Office and the Warsaw City Guard will be showcased on a car park at the back of the Security Centre, as well as the Mobile Crisis Management Centre.

A night with Chopin
This year's Night of Museums will afford its attendees an opportunity to take pictures of themselves with the figure of Chopin.
"Selfie with Chopin" is a free app with which you can take a picture of yourself with the composer in several locations of Warsaw, and also in Żelazowa Wola. On this exceptional night, the figure of a young Fryderyk Chopin will also appear in some of the participating institutions. You only need to download the app from to see the image of the composer on the screen of your smartphone. It's worth beguiling the time in the queue taking selfies with Chopin!

Varsovians will be well-informed
The printed guide and maps (with transport info) and their online versions, available on (40 k guides, including 2 k guides in English, 800 posters), will make it easy to navigate the city on the Night of Museums.

As always, a free-of-charge bus service will be provided to the event attendees.  Nine lines will be deployed for this purpose, from A to M. The A Line will be served by the historic Jelcz 043 buses (commonly called "ogórek" – "cucumber", due to its distinctive shape).
The following lines will run until about 2:00 – 2, 4, 9, 13 and 33.
The following lines will run until about 2:00 – 116 and 507.
Selected night-service lines will run more frequently.
Lines M1 and M2 will run until about 3:00.
Please note!!! Due to a speedway event being held at the National Stadium, Poniatowski Bridge might be closed to traffic sometime around 22:30. At that time, bus and tram lines will be redirected to bypass routes. We're waiting for you on Saturday, 14 May!