The new Veturilo on the home straight

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The new Veturilo on the home straight
The new Veturilo on the home straight

Warsaw residents will have yet another opportunity to use Veturilo bikes from March. Until then, the bicycles will be kept in a storage building where they are being prepared for the beginning of the season.

The Veturilo system is undergoing a complete revamp this winter. Old bicycles and terminals have been disassembled and replaced by new, more comfortable and modern ones. The number of stations will be increased to 316 and the number of bikes to 4,660.

The contract for the new Veturilo system will be in force for the next four years. In addition to a hundred new stations (mainly in Śródmieście, Praga and Wola, but also in districts adjacent to the city centre), the rental of children's bicycles will be provided (6 stations in 6 parks and recreation areas). In turn, starting from June, Warsaw residents will be the first in Poland, and among the first in the world, to benefit from electric bicycles’ rental. A hundred bicycles of this kind will be available in Warsaw – located in 10 dedicated stations in the escarpment area.

The bicycles will be equipped with an additional handbrake, a higher and more convenient handlebar suitable for taller people, rotary bicycle bells on the handlebars, a front rack and a wide saddle. The seat post will be marked with a scale to help adjust the saddle to the cyclist's height. In addition, a QR code will be put on the bicycles to facilitate bike rental without the need to use terminals.

The new system will be much more user-friendly than the previous one. The terminals will be equipped with state-of-the-art colour-display panels with touch screens, contactless payment service and a universal bike pump. Bike users will be provided with an option to rent and return bicycles via a mobile app. Each stand will have a LED light indicating whether a given bicycle is functional and available for renting.