The new EU budget is a huge development opportunity for Mazovia

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The Mayor Rafał Trzaskowski attends the Mazovia Development Forum online

The European Mazovia – needs and challenges at the threshold of another EU perspective – is one of the debates of The Mazovia Development Forum. Today, the Mayor Rafał Trzaskowski took part in it. The 11th edition of the Forum is held online.

Cooperation and even development of the region within new EU finance perspective was the main subject of one of the debates during the 11th Mazovia Development Forum. The Mayor of Warsaw Rafał Trzaskowski, Marshal Adam Struzik and Lucie Zackova, Deputy Head of Unit, Poland, DG REGIO of the EU Commission attended the event.

The EU perspective for 2021-2027 is another development opportunity for Poland – also Mazovia and Warsaw. It is a new challenge as well because the philosophy of the EU budget is changing – green investments and digitalisation will be a priority,” said the Mayor of Warsaw Rafał Trzaskowski. “A lot of innovative projects can’t be carried out without Warsaw, but it is important to use the money together so that the Warsaw can develop together the whole region, added the Mayor.

The Marshal Adam Struzik highlighted the diversity of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship, which consists of more and less developed regions.

In one region there are 3,000,000 residents, and in the one with the lower GDP growth rate  – about 2,300,000. It is crucial to use the funds for Mazovia in both areas. It is a huge challenge, because the interests of two regions has to be reconciled, highlighted Marshal Struzik.

Lucie Zackova from European Commission also talked about the differences within the region.

Warsaw is one of the fastest developing centres in Europe, but Mazovia is very diverse. We can’t build borders or walls – according to the EU programmes philosophy, which is the philosophy of synergy and common projects. So we strongly support the cooperation, i.a. on the integrated transport system, said Lucie Zackova.

The  GDP growth rate per capita in relation to the EU in 2019 for the Warsaw Capital Region was 160% of the European average, and for the Mazovia Region – 63% of the average. According to all of the speakers, balanced development of Mazovia requires the continuation of the projects and engagement of EU resources. Decelerating investments and outlays on the green and digital transformation will negatively affect the level and quality of life of all the Mazovia residents, not only Warsaw and its metropolitan area.