The Metro carries millions

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The Metro carries millions. Fot. A. Łogusz
The Metro carries millions. Fot. A. Łogusz

Within a month from the opening of new stations in Praga-Północ and Targówek, over 4 million passengers travelled using the second metro line. That's almost a million more than a year ago, when the underground railway only went to Wileński Station.

From Sunday, 15 September, the M2 trains have reached the Szwedzka, Targówek Mieszkaniowy, and Trocka stations. The Public Transport Authority collected data from the gates counting the number of entries into the stations, and compared the data from the same period last year, when only the central section of the second underground railway line was in operation.

It could be observed that the longer route encouraged the residents to commute by Metro. Now almost 180 thousand people use the M2 line every day. The record was broken on Thursday, 10 October 2019, when 178,514 people entered the M2 line station. A year earlier, on 10 October 2018, there were 146,267. In total, in the first month of running underground trains on the longer route, 4,035,691 people entered M2 stations (the data also included passengers passing through the Świętokrzyska Station via a link from M1 to M2). In the same month in 2018, the number of passengers was exactly 3,210,942.

The Wileński Station is still the most frequented – the record-breaking station was visited by 29,722 people on 10 October 2019; in 2018 the record was set on 11 October 2018 with 30,180 passengers. In the case of the new stations, the largest number of passengers uses the Trocka Station – up to 14,597 people - which occurred on 9 October. These numbers have clearly changed over the course of the month, because, after buses from Białołęka and Targówek were routed to the Metro stations (from 30 September 2019), the number of passengers at Trocka Station almost doubled.

Data from the entrance gates also show that on the way to the campus in Krakowskie Przedmieście students like to commute by Metro. In September, on weekdays, the Nowy Świat-Uniwersytet Station was visited by about 11-12 thousand people, and in October by over 17 thousand people.