The largest park in Warsaw is going to be built

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meadow by the Vistula River

Mayor of the Capital City of Warsaw Rafał Trzaskowski decided to create the Golędzinów Natural Park. It is going to be the largest park in the capital, which will cover the area along the Vistula River in Praga-Północ. Residents will have a perfect place to relax and observe the nature by the Vistula River.

Warsaw is going to have a new park – The Golędzinów Natural Park. We are starting the arrangements and securing funds for the preparation of the investment – announced Rafał Trzaskowski, President of the Capital City of Warsaw. On the area of over 90 football pitches, a unique on the global scale, natural city park with a wonderful panorama over the Vistula River and diverse vegetation will be created. All this will be organized with the greatest respect for nature, that is and will be the most important issue in this place – he added.

The Golędzinów Natural Park will be built in Praga-Północ in the area that stretches along the Vistula riverbed for almost three kilometers – between the Gdański Bridge and the Grota-Rowecki Bridge. It covers an area of about 65 hectares. From the east it will be restricted by a flood embankment, and on the western edge by a steep Vistula escarpment. The entrance to the park is going to be placed at the height of the Kamień Educational Pavilion.

Later this year, the city is going to announce an architectural competition that will allow the selection of the contractor for the design documentation. Then after obtaining all the arrangements, construction works will begin. Their scope will include, for example, the execution of elements of small architecture and the demarcation of paths as well as passages in the park.

Nature by the Vistula River

Golędzinów is a perfect place to observe nature, which in this area is extremely abundant due to the proximity of the Vistula River and the vastness of the area. Nature itself manages what had been previously taken from it, and the meadows slowly begin to become riverine forests. The Vistula nature is also influenced by the cyclical flooding during the Vistula River’s high-water stages.

Meadow vegetation is represented by numerous visually attractive species of flowers such as ragged-robin or yellow meadow-rue but it has also been diversified by crop plants that have remained after the liquidation of allotments. Fruit trees and perennials during blooming work for the benefit of insects, and fruit such as apples, pears or nuts provide food for various animals, including protected bird species.

Golędzinów is also a region of the shallow Vistula riverbed, which provides favourable conditions for observing numerous species of water birds resting on sandy and shingle beaches. Here you can encounter various species of ducks, cormorants or herons. White-tailed eagles are common winter visitors of these areas.

The planned Golędzinów Natural Park is located within the border of the Natura 2000 Area of the Middle Vistula Valley and the Warsaw Protected Landscape Area.