The international ecology workshop

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For 4 years Warsaw has been a member of C40 – an organisation of world’s biggest metropolises committed to tackling climate change.

Before the Sao Paulo climate conference the member cities of C40 organised a series of lectures delivered on different continents and devoted to various aspects of tackling climate change and adapting to its results. Warsaw was the host city of the European workshop.

The workshop programme included three subject areas: “car clubs”, electric buses, and the modernisation of the street lighting system. The workshop aimed at preparing plans for the implementation of projects dealing with these subjects in the capital city. The event was participated in by public administration representatives, Arup and C40 experts, and representatives of the science and business sectors.

The C40 Large Cities Climate Leadership Group is an association of 40 metropolises (including Warsaw) who are taking common steps to protect the climate. Metropolises use up 75% of world energy and produce 80% of greenhouse gases. Therefore their cooperation on fighting the climate change cause is of high significance.