The Interim Reprivatisation Act is a breakthrough for Warsaw

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The Interim Reprivatisation Act is a breakthrough for Warsaw. Fot. E.Lach
The Interim Reprivatisation Act is a breakthrough for Warsaw. Fot. E.Lach

The entry into force of the Interim Reprivatisation Act (so-called Small Reprivatisation Act) will make it possible for Warsaw to renovate unkept buildings and put an end to claims trading and fraudulent real-estate acquisitions.

Furthermore, the city will not be obliged to hand over real estate used and intended for public utility purposes, such as schools, kindergartens and parks.

Again, I would like to thank everyone involved in the drafting and passing of this Act – the staff, senators and MPs.  This is an important moment for Warsaw and a huge success for Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz as Mayor of Warsaw. We’ve been waiting for this moment. All our predecessors have struggled with the problem of reprivatisation. Now, after 25 years, we will finally be able to solve some of the issues connected with the Bierut Decree. The issue of compensation payments remains to be solved, but we are already working on draft amendments,”  said Jarosław Jóźwiak, Deputy Mayor of Warsaw.

The entry into force of the Act of 25 June 2015 amending the Real Estate Trading Act and the Family and Guardianship Code (Sejm print No. 3195) will make it possible to monitor claims trading. The City or the State Treasury will be able to acquire claims for real estate used or intended for public utility purposes.
It will be possible to refuse to grant a perpetual usufruct right to a real estate if it is used by public-law entities for public purposes, when land is sold to third parties and when public-law entities incur considerable expenditures related to the real estate, or when the real estate cannot be divided due to spatial planning arrangements.

Administrative proceedings will be terminated in cases where applicants have not contacted the body in charge of the proceedings in any way (the so-called sleepyheads). It will not be possible to establish a trustee for individuals whose place of stay cannot be determined or where it is reasonable to believe they have been dead for a long time.
The city is now analysing the proceedings with regards to the provisions of the Interim Reprivatisation Act.