The great Christmas illuminations on the streets of Warsaw

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A 27-metre Christmas tree on Zamkowy Square. Multidekor
A 27-metre Christmas tree on Zamkowy Square. Multidekor

On Saturday, 3rd December, Warsaw will be blazing with Christmas lights. The whole of Trakt Królewski Street, along with the surrounding streets, will sparkle with the colours of Christmas at dusk. The event will end at 7.30 pm.

At the beginning of the walking route, near the monument of Copernicus, we will surely get into the merry mood by listening to the Sienna Gospel choir and the Wrzesińska Orkiestra Dęta concert band’s renditions of Christmas hit songs. Near the Bristol hotel, the actors of the Theatre Akt, in the guise of pixies with the help of their Varsovian assistants, will try to clean, fix and arrange pictures of the Warsaw Winter Album located on Krakowskie Przedmieście Street. A further walk in the Old Town direction will guarantee an amazing treat for the kids – Hoover Square will be transformed into the house of Father Christmas and his helpers.

Other Christmas attractions will be held in a tent set up on Krakowskie Przedmieście Street near St Anna’s Church, giving everyone a chance to try their hand at decorating gingerbread and send specially prepared Christmas cards depicting snow-clad Warsaw. The whole walking route will be filled with the dancing Father Christmases of Warszawski Funk group, who will give dancing lessons and gifts to the Warsaw denizens. The Christmas mood will be maintained by the performance of the Wrzesińska Orkiestra Dęta and a dancing troupe. An exhibit of ice sculptures and Christmas illuminations of the fountains has been prepared by the Multimedia Fountain Park in Warsaw’s Podzamcze. We invite you to the Grand Christmas Illuminations of Warsaw streets!

Warsaw will sparkle with Christmas lights
The streets will be illuminated with nearly twice as many lights compared to previous seasons; the whole lighting installation is over 20 km long. The lights will be set up mainly along the Trakt Królewski – starting with Zamkowy Square, Krakowskie Przedmieście Street, Nowy Świat Street, Trzech Krzyży Square, and Aleje Ujazdowskie Street, up to Belweder Palace. The lights will be set up along Aleje Jerozolimskie Street (from Central Station to the Waszyngton Roundabout and the Poniatowski Bridge), aleja Solidarności Street (from Bankowy Square to Wileński Square along with the Śląsko-Dąbrowski Bridge) Bankowy Square, Marszałkowska Street (from Królewska Street to Konstytucji Square), Świętokrzyska Street, Mokotowska Street and Targowa Street. Christmas decorations will also be on show on Francuska Street, Wileński Square, Ząbkowska Street, and Powstańców Warszawy Square. As always, there will be a 27-metre Christmas tree on Zamkowy Square, adorned with brand new ornaments, and Christmas lights will be put up on nearly every corner of the Old Town.

Warsaw, a pastry cook, a card, and a gingerbread cookie
Warsaw invites children with parents to the Christmas tent to decorate gingerbread and send Christmas cards. There will be an opportunity to decorate gingerbread at the Warsaw tent set up near St Anna’s Church on Krakowskie Przedmieście Street, the only limitation being the creativity of the decorators. You can take your cookies home for your nearest and dearest or use them as ornaments for your Christmas tree.

It will be also possible to send Christmas cards from the tent. Four distinctive cards, depicting Christmas-time Warsaw, will be at the disposal of the tent visitors. There will also be an opportunity to create unique cards. Specially prepared stamps will be also available, so you will be able to send cards directly. All cards and stamps will be free of charge.

A Christmas stand at 64 Krakowskie Przedmieście Street (near St Anna’s Church):
3-4 December, 12.00–8.00 pm
10-11 December, 12.00–8.00 pm
17-18 December, 12.00–8.00 pm