The fourth dose of COVID-19 vaccination has started

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Vial of Covid-19 vaccine held between a human thumb and forefinger. Blue disposable surgical gloves worn on hands

The Ministry of Health has announced a second booster dose vaccination against coronavirus for everyone over 12 from 16 September. The government announced that the vaccine would be administered as early as September with a new formulation targeting Omicron. The vaccinations are free of charge and will be available, among others, at municipal clinics.

We know that residents have been waiting for the opportunity to be vaccinated with the fourth dose, and I hope that Warsaw will again lead the way in terms of the number of people fully vaccinated. Vaccination is the best protection against the coronavirus, and we are launching an information campaign to encourage people to take another booster dose. It is worth taking care of your health and safety and that of your loved ones and getting vaccinated. The fourth dose can also be obtained in our 79 city clinics - informs Renata Kaznowska, Deputy Mayor of Warsaw.

The fourth dose protects against omicron

According to the Ministry of Health, the vaccination with the second booster dose will be performed with preparations against the omicron BA.1 or BA.4/5 variants. In addition, according to assurances, around 4 million doses of vaccines targeting omicron BA.1 and BA 4/5, which protect against severe COVID-19 disease or hospitalisation in nearly 90 per cent of cases, should arrive in Poland in September.

By the government's decision, priority for vaccination with the second booster dose is given to people in at-risk groups: those aged 60+, those with chronic diseases, those with immune disorders, medical personnel who come into contact with sick people or infectious material, and residents and staff in long-term care facilities.

Vaccination as early as 3 months after the previous dose

Vaccination with the fourth dose can be received by persons aged 12+ who have received the first booster dose at least three months earlier. According to the recommendations of the Ministry of Health, vaccination with the booster dose of the recovering patients should be carried out at least three months after SARS-CoV-2 infection.**

The system will make referrals for vaccination

The system will automatically issue a referral for vaccination with a second booster dose when the eligibility criterion is met with an interval (minimum 90 days) from the date of the previous dose.**.

In the absence of an automatically issued e-referral for administering the second booster dose, the doctor at the vaccination centre can independently issue an e-referral for vaccination to those entitled to vaccination by assessing the interval since the last vaccination (minimum 90 days) and the patient’s age.

More about vaccination against COVID-19

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