The footbridge over the port entrance is ready

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The footbridge over the port entrance is ready
The footbridge over the port entrance is ready

A more-than-300-metre-long crossing has connected pedestrian and bicycle paths situated along the Vistula. Warsaw residents can now freely travel along the 18-kilometre distance from Łazienkowski Bridge to the boundaries of Jabłonna.

“Even though it is a relatively short crossing located in the capital, it will receive a name. The results of a contest have shown that residents want it to be called Żerańska. We will now strive to convince the Warsaw city council to accept this choice,” said Michał Olszewski, Deputy Mayor of Warsaw, during the official hand-over of the crossing to the residents. “The commissioning of this crossing introduces new quality, which is important for bikers and pedestrians not only in Białołęka, but in the whole of Warsaw. It will become a constituent of an extraordinarily original and beautiful recreational route.”

The new pedestrian and bike bridge is located along the Vistula river, above canals leading to the “Żerań” water gate, the Żerań Canal and a dock called Zimowisko. The crossing was adapted from a pipeline scaffolding, which was built in 1993. The structure originally served the purposes of the Żerań CHP Plant. The total length of the crossing is 230 m, or more than 300 m when taking into account its access ramps. If one could rotate it 180 degrees, it would connect the two banks of the Vistula.

The crossing connects the existing routes leading to the Jabłonna municipality (a distance of 8.4 km) and to Łazienkowski Bridge (a distance of 9.3). The opening of the crossing made it possible to create of a grade-separated route along the Vistula with a total length of 18 kilemetres.

In addition to its adaptation for the purposes of pedestrian and bicycle traffic, viewing platforms were built on both ends of the crossing, from which one can observe the panorama of the left bank part of Warsaw. The crossing is illuminated with white line lighting along the way. The lights dim automatically in the night and light up when a user approaches. Also a feature lighting system was installed, which makes it possible to illuminate the crossing in any colour.