The design of the Battle of Warsaw 1920 Monument selected

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The design of the Battle of Warsaw 1920 Monument selected
The design of the Battle of Warsaw 1920 Monument selected

An area close to Na Rozdrożu Square in Warsaw will soon feature a monument to the victorious Battle of Warsaw. Considered “the eighteenth most important battle in the world history,” it allowed preventing the Soviet invasion of Poland, and then of Western Europe.

“The selection of the Battle of Warsaw 1920 Monument design is important not only for commemorating the 100th anniversary of that landmark event but also for the heroes who changed the course of the country’s history,” said Renata Kaznowska, Deputy Mayor of Warsaw, during the official announcement of the competition results.

The award-winning design, a square-plan obelisk with a “1920” inscription at the top, was created by Mirosław Nizio, Nizio Design International based in Warsaw.

The jury were accordant in their decision, as the winning design met their expectations regarding the commemorative and educational qualities of the monument. The monument erected on a round site will be surrounded by elements providing information on the Battle of Warsaw. The existing fountain and greenery elements will be retained.

The second-ranked design (awarded PLN 40,000) was prepared by Karol Badyna from Kraków.  None of the designs was rated third, but the jury decided to grant two first-grade prizes (PLN 5,000 each) and two honorary awards. The two first-grade prizes went to Marcin Kwietowicz and Konrad Żaglewski (from Warsaw), and to Tomasz Birezowski, Piotr Dynowski and Mateusz Trojanowski (also from Warsaw).

The honorary awards went to architect Barbara Getter (Author’s Design Studio 2) and sculptor-architect Andrzej Getter (Author’s Plastic Arts Design Studio) from Kraków, and to Paweł Nowicki and Maciej Walczyn (from Warsaw).