The civic budget is changing Warsaw

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A child on a slide, a street, a birdhouse, a tree, a bench - five photos with projects executed from the civic budget

Attractive and safe playgrounds, more kilometres of comfortable bicycle routes, interesting events close to home. These are the ideas that appear in Warsaw thanks to the activity of its residents. They are presented by a newly launched municipal information campaign.

During the nine editions of the capital city's civic budget, Warsaw has implemented over 4,000 ideas by residents. And continues to implement more. All projects with their descriptions and locations are available at

The next, 10th edition of the civic budget begins in December. It is an opportunity to submit new ideas. I am glad that so many Warsaw citizens find time to act for their neighbourhood by voting for the solutions proposed in subsequent editions of the budget, and even submitting their own initiatives - says Karolina Zdrodowska, Director of Entrepreneurship and Social Communication Coordinator. – The civic budget is working. The budget is also the reason why our squares turn green, pedestrian crossings are illuminated and safer, and community centers offer interesting activities tailored to the needs of residents. This is what we want to show in the civic budget campaign that is just starting.

Playground, sauna, mural

As part of the newly launched municipal information campaign, the City Hall shows them on various media in the urban space.

One of the posters depicts a playground in a green area of Plac Trzech Krzyży (EN- Three Crosses Square). The project involved the creation of a playground on the downtown slope. A safe place for younger and older children to play in has been created. Wooden toys and small architecture blended into the park's green surroundings.

The promotional media also feature the Vistula Sauna project in Port Czerniakowski, which has seen great interest from residents for a year. This is the first sauna on the Vistula River not only in the capital, but in all of Poland. Residents can relax there while enjoying the view of the Vistula landscape, and free entry is financed from the civic budget.

The civic budget also funded the mural titled "Siedem Panien Ursusa" (EN- The Seven Maidens of Ursus). The unique design not only adorns the building and its surroundings, but also commemorates the history of the Ursus factory.

Warsaw has been implementing the civic budget since 2014. The first projects selected for implementation by residents appeared in the following year.

The new edition begins in December

From December 1, residents will be able to submit their ideas for the 10th anniversary edition of Warsaw's civic budget. Projects may be submitted until January 25, 2023.

During this time, the City Hall will provide support for all interested parties. This will include on duty office employees who will help in describing ideas, meetings for new project promoters and other events. As part of the 10th edition of the civic budget, the City Hall will allocate over PLN 100 million to the implementation of the residents' proposals.