The City of Warsaw at MIPIM 2016

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City of Warsaw
City of Warsaw

Central district of Warsaw - Śródmieście offering premium locations for business, Praga with preserved structure of a pre-war city. Investment attractiveness of these and other parts of the Warsaw will be exposed by the City during the most prestigious real estate fairs in Europe - MIPIM in Cannes which starts on March the 15th.

The City of Warsaw regularly participates in MIPIM international investment fairs, presenting itself as a leader in South-Eastern and Eastern Europe. The project "Grow with Warsaw", i.e. develop and expand with Warsaw, is universal and shows a trend which is maintained by the capital and is planned for subsequent years. It covers public sector achievements, among others, such as excellent use of EU funds, development of infrastructure, revitalization and private sector success, namely developers and entities involved in the investment process in the capital.

The City of Warsaw is identified as a city friendly for investors and inhabitants. It is possible, among others, thanks to ecological investments as expansion of "Czajka" sewage treatment plant, low-emission public transport and revitalization of green areas. Thanks to them the City of Warsaw is an official candidate for the title of "Green Capital of Europe" in 2018.

Since 2014, the City of Warsaw has also been described as the city of design, innovative ideas as well as creative and involved inhabitants, thanks to promotion of special gadgets designed and manufactured in the City of Warsaw.

Offer of the City of Warsaw
This year's offer for MIPIM fairs contains 11 real estate, including 3 in Śródmieście, 2 in Praga-Południe, one in Mokotów, Praga-Północ and Wola. Three of the presented plots can be found in external districts of the city – 2 in Bielany and 1 in Wilanów.

This year, along with the city, Warsaw's stand will present offers of 12 companies, 4 more as compared to the previous year. These are:, BBI Development SA, Ghelamco Poland, Golub Gethouse, HB Reavis Poland Sp. z o.o., Okam Capital Sp. z o.o., Orange, Poczta Polska SA, Xcity Investment. For the first time in Cannes the City of Warsaw will be accompanied by: Bank Zachodni WBK Grupa Santander, Konkret Grupa Projektowa SA, StarNet Telecom Sp. z o.o.  and Vastint Sp. z o.o.

Stand of the City of Warsaw
At the upcoming fairs, the exhibition stand of the City of Warsaw will cover 105 m2, 22 more as compared to the previous year as well as 33 m2 of terrace (stand no. R8.D1). The stand will be equipped with large "seamless" flat screens and an interactive table to present materials concerning City of Warsaw real estate's offer and other materials concerning business tourism, cultural offer, city infrastructure as well as economic and investment potential of the City of Warsaw. This years' novelty will be a dedicated Tetris-like game, created by Pattern Recognition. Visitors who will play this game will have an opportunity to become familiar with the most popular buildings of the City of Warsaw.

How the Warsaw is seen in the world
Thanks to presence of the City of Warsaw on this type of events, the capital of Poland is taken into account as a place of perfect location and appreciated in various kinds of rankings. For instance in the recent Financial Timed fDi ranking, which will be distributed during this year's fairs, the City of Warsaw occupies 4th place between european cities in the category “Business friendliness”. The cities which precede Warsaw include: London, Dublin and Paris, and Warsaw is followed by Barcelona, Moscow and Bucharest. In the same ranking in the category "European Cities of the Future" the City of Warsaw occupies 3rd place preceded by Moscow and Bucharest and followed by Prague, Budapest and Bratislava.

The City of Warsaw gained recognition as a city friendly for start-ups. According to Forbes ranking the capital is among 10 best places worldwide to start business. It is the result of common actions of the City of Warsaw and business consisting in development of the environment which supports this sector as entrepreneurship incubators in Smolej and Targowa Street as well as one of the five Google Warsaw Campuses of in the world.

MIPIM fairs
MIPIM fairs in Cannes are held from 15th to 18th of March and they are the most prestigious events in the real estate industry in Europe. This year's subject concerns housing "Housing the World" including, among others, private rent models, financial support models for apartments or new trends in apartments supply.

Full press release attached. Stand visuals and presentation of the Warsaw’s and partners’ offers:


Stand of Warsaw at MIPIM
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Stand of Warsaw at MIPIM