The celebrations of the 72nd anniversary of Warsaw Rising on Krasińskich Square

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The celebrations on Krasińskich Square. Fot. R.Motyl
The celebrations on Krasińskich Square. Fot. R.Motyl

As is tradition, on the eve of the main celebrations that take place on 1 August, on the evening of 31 July on Krasiński Square, a Holy Mass in memory of the Warsaw insurgents was celebrated, followed by a memorial roll call. After numerous delegations had laid wreaths, a concert entitled New Generation 16/44 started.

The ceremony was attended by the surviving Warsaw insurgents with their families, Members of Parliament, representatives of state authorities, local-government representatives and Varsovians.
The Mayor expressed indebtedness to the insurgents for taking on the challenge they were faced with 72 years ago.

“The main point of celebrating the anniversaries of the Rising is to remember the fallen, as well as to show deep gratitude and pay tribute to the survivors, and educate the young about the atrocities of war. The Varsovian families are paying tribute to the soldiers of "Fighting Poland". I am glad that there are so many of us here” said the Mayor.
Hanna Gronkieiwcz-Waltz stressed the importance of personal commitment by quoting Władysław Bartoszewski, who said

"Someone has got to do it, right?
Someone should react, right?
Someone should put up a fight, right?
Someone should protest, right?
I, too, was asking myself these questions. And I thought, if there has to be someone, why not me?”
“It is very heartening to see the families gathered here to pay homage to the Soldiers of Fighting Poland. Let us light the memorial fire dedicated to the longest and bloodiest Polish battle of World War II. Let us stand up for the roll call. Let us pay tribute to the fallen and celebrate the survivors”, concluded Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz.