The capital checks taxi drivers and transport companies

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taxi inscription on the road

The results of the inspections of drivers transporting passenger cars carried out in the first half of 2022 are already known. Warsaw Capital City President together with the Police, the Border Guard, the Trade Inspection, the Tax Control Office and the Road Transport Inspectorate, checked the legality of the carriers' work.

The purpose of the inspection was to check the legality of transporting passengers by car and taxi in the Warsaw Capital City. Warsaw and compliance by carriers with applicable legal standards when performing road transport.

A total of 462checks were carried out, during which 169 irregularities were detected. The most serious violations were:

  • road transport of people without a license – impersonating Warsaw taxis (82 cases),   
  • ordering transport by an intermediary for the transport of passengers to entrepreneurs who did not have the required "TAXI" license (83 cases),
  • holding a false driving license (6 drivers - foreigners),
  • lack of driving privileges (9 drivers),
  • performing transport under the influence of intoxicants (1 driver),
  • performing transport under the influence of alcohol (2 drivers),  
  • transport without medical and psychological examinations (101 drivers).

During the inspection on the road, violations resulting from the Road Transport Act were found in the amount of PLN 5,675,800. It should be added, however, that the sum of fines imposed during one inspection may not exceed the amount of PLN 12,000. Administrative penalties are imposed by the Mazovian Provincial Road Transport Inspector.

In addition, 143 drivers of vehicles "impersonating taxi transport" were checked only for the application of the provisions of the Road Traffic Law. As a result of the audit, the following were noted:

  • 32 drivers without driving privileges,
  • 23 drivers (foreigners) had a fake driving license,
  • 25 vehicles were towed away,
  • 32 registration documents were seized,
  • 2 drivers were wanted.

During the joint control activities, other violations were also revealed, which resulted in the arrest of 9 drivers by the Border Guard.

It is good to remember when getting into a taxi to pay attention to whether the vehicle has a lamp on the roof with the inscription "TAXI" required in the case of licensed taxis and whether inside the vehicle – in a visible place, there is a special identifier with the driver's data (name, surname and photo) and the expiry date.