The biggest tender in Europe

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Public Transport Authority
Public Transport Authority

On the 3rd of June a contract for the delivery of 168 modern buses was signed in the Warsaw City Hall. It is the largest contract of its type this year in Europe, worth PLN 216 million.

The issuance of a call for tenders by the Warsaw bus company Miejskie Zaklady Autobusowe was won by the companies Solaris and Solbus, which will deliver 112 18 meter long articulated buses, 4 18 metre long hybrid articulated buses, 36 12 meter long buses and 20 10 meter long buses.

The first vehicles will set out on the capital’s streets in October this year. The last ones will get there at the beginning of 2012. Thanks to that, it will be possible to withdraw from service over 200 of the oldest type buses such as- ikarus, neoplan and jelcz this year.

The new buses will be low floor, equipped with Mediterranean style air-conditioning, an internal monitoring system, LCD screens and also Braille-embossed buttons. The Warsovians will be the first ones in the country able to use hybrid buses. Applying the additional electric drive will reduce fuel consumption by over 20% and also decrease exhaust emission significantly. The electric motor in ‘hybrids’ is a specific perpetuum mobile- it uses the energy recovered under braking to provide drive for the bus.