The Active 50+ programme – a formula for a job

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The Active 50+ programme – a formula for a job
The Active 50+ programme – a formula for a job

Warsaw has just completed an annual job finding programme, which resulted in 94% of participants getting jobs. The players on the labour market have acknowledged that unemployed people aged 50 or more have substantial vocational potential.

The main objective of the programme was to find jobs for its participants, and the highest efficiency was among its original principles. The programme saw the involvement of 726 people, of whom 680 found jobs or started their own businesses. All participants were granted individual support provided by career advisors. This support included first and foremost getting to know the active methods and techniques of job hunting, preparation for interviews, and the joint completion of application documents.

Under the implemented programme nearly 3,000 job offers and internship referrals for the unemployed were issued, 100 people received training, and the creation of new jobs for 47 people was reimbursed. Furthermore, 104 unemployed people participated or are taking part in internships and 63 individuals started their own businesses.
Also, the employers benefitted from the programme. They agreed that in the 50+ group they have found an invaluable resource, with professional and life experience, and strong motivation to work. Moreover, employers, by engaging unemployed persons, gained additional benefits, such as lower employment costs.

This programme for active job-seekers constitutes a new feature of the capital’s labour market. It is bringing about a change in the perception of mature people by employers, and, ultimately, decreases the staff shortages reported on the market.