The 9th edition of participatory budget in Warsaw starts now

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Karolina Zdrodowska, Director Coordinator for Business and Social Dialogue, during interview
Author: Rafał Motyl

Projects for the next edition of participatory budget can be submitted starting today. There is a record amount of 101,130,815 zł available for citizens. The project submission stage will last till 25 January 2022.

Participatory budget really works; since 2015 we have carried out more than 3700 projects, and more are in progress. Thanks to this, citizens create Warsaw together and have real influence on how their surroundings change. It is also worth reminding that new playgrounds and benches are not the only types of projects which can be proposed to the participatory budget. The catalogue of City of Warsaw’s tasks, which are also potential projects, includes various fields, such as sports, education, culture, environmental protection, health, and public assistance, notes Karolina Zdrodowska, the Director Coordinator for Business and Social Dialogue. I’m very happy to start today the 9th edition of participatory budget in Warsaw. Starting today, citizens of Warsaw can propose their ideas for new projects in their area and in the whole city, added Karolina Zdrodowska.

This year, there is 101,130,815 zł available for citizens, which is the highest amount since the beginning of the participatory budget in Warsaw. As in the previous years, projects can be submitted on paper forms or online, on the website

This year’s slogan: „Your idea can change Warsaw”

Mariusz Budziszewski, Councillor of Warsaw, highlighted that the participatory budget is an amazing tool in citizens’ hands.

It allows us to decide together how we spend public money. So I call all citizens of Warsaw to not hesitate to use this opportunity given by the participatory budget, so that they would think together with their neighbours about what is needed in their area, what can be improved, added Councillor Budziszewski.

Submitting a project proposal is easy. You don’t have to be an expert in the field, know the investment processes or documentation to propose ideas for participatory budget. You just need to describe in simple words what you would like to be done, which needs the project meets and suggest a place where it would be carried out. Projects can be submitted till 25 January 2022. Then, every project proposal will be verified by the City of Warsaw. The ones that will pass the verification process will be voted on in June. This way the citizens of Warsaw will chose  projects to be carried out in our city in 2023.

Food sharing places are also part of the participatory budget

The conference inaugurating the submission of project proposals was held today in the food sharing place on 1a Twarda Street, which was built within the 2018 participatory budget. It is run by the Social Welfare Centre of the Śródmieście District.

We’re meeting here for a reason,” said Director Karolina Zdrodowska ““The winning projects from previous editions of the participatory budget are also carried out in this Social Welfare Centre. It also houses an efficiently  operating food sharing place and, thanks to  citizens’ votes – also free-of-charge zero waste workshops, e.g. ’How to cook and not waste food‘ and ‘The preservation of food’, added Zdrodowska.