Świętokrzyska Route under construction

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Świętokrzyska Route under construction
Świętokrzyska Route under construction

The construction of Świętokrzyska Route is under way. The road will connect Zabraniecka and Kijowska Streets in September 2017. The works are being carried out along the entire section of the future route.

An agreement for the design and construction of this section of Świętokrzyska Route was signed in May 2015, and field works started in October. The street will be ready in September 2017 – “Praga will gain a connection that will facilitate moiving about this region of Warsaw,” said Jacek Wojciechowicz, Deputy Mayor of Warsaw. “Traffic will decrease along Ząbkowska and Targowa Streets.”

This section of Świętokrzyska Route will be 1.2-km long. The route crosses tracks running to Warsaw East Station three times – these locations will feature tunnels. One of these tunnels is being constructed near Zabraniecka Street, in a dug up railway embankment. The two remaining ones will be located under busy railway lines, and thus will be created using other means.

The concrete tunnel structures will be erected near the embankments and next, after discontinuing rail traffic and preparing the tunnels in the embankments, placed in their final destinations using specialist lift trucks with high load-carrying capacity. One of these facilities is being constructed on Kawęczyńska and Boruty Streets. Its transport to the site is scheduled for 17 May-11 June. In this period the builders will have to complete all the works, such as the deconstruction and subsequent reconstruction of tracks and part of the embankment. The haulage of the concrete construction alone will take 12 hours. The second tunnel will be created on railway premises, between two railway routes, and is to be implemented on the site in September (5-22 September). This section on the route will cost the city PLN 76 m and will be constructed by Strabag.

The entire Świętokrzyska Route, from Świętokrzyski Bridge to Zabraniecka Street, will span more than 3 km. The first section, from the bridge to Zamoyskiego Street, was created in 2014. The next section, from Zamoyskiego Street to Targowa Street (excluding the intersection), will start later this year. As regards the section from Targowa Street (including the intersection) to Warsaw East Station, i.e. to the connection with the currently constructed section, design documentation is being prepared. It will also be ready this year. The entire route, from Świętokrzyski Bridge to Zabraniecka Street, will span more than 3 km.