Support the idea to expand the (paid) parking zone

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People living in the Praga-Północ and Wola Districts support the idea to expand the (paid) parking zone
People living in the Praga-Północ and Wola Districts support the idea to expand the (paid) parking zone

Several hundred people took part in public consultations on the proposed expansion of the Unattended Paid Parking Zone in the Praga-Północ and Wola Districts. The idea has received generous support. Warsaw’s Municipal Road Authority (ZDM) representatives have just published a consultation report.

The next stage is for the Warsaw City Council to make the final decision whether the Zone will be expanded.
Public consultations in both Districts were held from 14 October until 10 November (2019). The Praga areas to be considered included Nowa Praga (between Solidarności Ave. and 11 Listopada and Ratuszowa Streets) and Stara Praga and Szmulek (from Targowa St. to Tysiąclecia Ave. and Radzymińska St.), and streets adjoining the zoo. In Wola, the consulted area was demarcated by Okopowa and Towarowa Streets and Prymasa Tysiąclecia Ave.

The idea to expand the paid parking zone was inspired, among other things, by the launch of new sections of Metro Line 2, which significantly affected the parking situation in both Districts. The introduction of paid parking could be the solution to protect these areas against overspill parking.

What local residents think
A substantial majority of consultation participants support the idea and look forward to the introduction of paid parking in their neighbourhoods. This was particularly true in Wola, where local residents asked when such changes would become effective and what rules they would be expected to follow. But there were also some dissenting voices, arguing that the paid parking zone would not solve the parking problem, and expressing doubt if illegal parking could be eliminated.

During consultations in Praga-Północ, a vast majority of participants expected the zone to cover the whole District, up to the railway tracks. As a result, additional analyses and consultations are to be carried out for the Haller Square and Szmulowizna areas to inform the final decision. Due to many suggestions from local residents in Wola, the Warsaw City Council will be advised to have the zone span an additional area between Wolska, Ordona and Kasprzaka Streets.

By law, the Paid Parking Zone can only cover public roads. However, the residents also expect their local roads, yards and areas to be protected from drivers who now park there to avoid parking fees. All these insights will be communicated to the administrators of those areas, who will be requested to define the exact local parking rules.