Support for the guests from Ukraine and the Warsaw residents accommodating them

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Author: Ewelina Lach

Both the refugees from Ukraine and the Varsovians accommodating them can apply for financial support. District offices (urzędy dzielnic) and Social Welfare Centres (Ośrodki Pomocy Społecznej) accept applications for one-off benefit claims of PLN 300 for Ukrainian citizens and PLN 40 for Warsaw residents for each day of assistance offered.

One-off benefit claims for Ukrainians

Every citizen of Ukraine who arrived in Poland after 24th February 2022 and received a PESEL number can apply for one-time financial support in the amount of PLN 300. Applications are accepted in district offices (urzędy dzielnic) and social welfare centres (ośrodki pomocy społecznej). The received funds may be used for all the necessary expenses, i.e., clothing, food, or accommodation rent.

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Are you hosting Ukrainian citizens? You will receive financial support

The Varsovians who provide accommodation to Ukrainian citizens in their homes (those who arrived in Poland after 24th February 2022) will receive a benefit of PLN 40 for each day of support provided. You can also apply for the benefit at district offices (urzędy dzielnic). The maximum period of support the government provides is 60 days. However, it may be extended once the voivode agrees to do so.

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Immediate support from UNHCR

Additional financial assistance is offered by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). The office is located at: Grochowska Street 316/320. Refugees who left Ukraine after 24th February 2022, regardless of which Ukrainian border they crossed, can apply for immediate financial support in the amount of PLN 1500.

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