Summer with culture

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A holiday is the perfect time to catch up on any theatre-related deficiencies. Capital scenes invite you to performances in the urban space and in their headquarters. The theatre repertoires offer performances for children and adults, also for foreigners.

Summer at the Drama Theatre

Summer Drama Theatre Review is scheduled for July. Viewers can choose from 15 performances, which will be played 30 times in total. Among the performances, we will find items such as:  “Romantycy” ("Romantics"), “Rewizor” ("Revisor”), "Kinky Boots", “Człowiek z La Manchy” ("Man of La Mancha"), "Cabaret", “Zamek” ("Castle"). A special event of the festival will be the premiere of "Amadeus" by Peter Shaffer, directed by Anna Wieczur, which will take place on 8 July at G. Holoubek Stage.The production with live music will be starring Marcin Hycnar and Adam Ferency.

More information available at the theatre's website.

Outdoor theatre

Teatr Polonia and OCH Teatr invite you to a meeting with the theatre in the city space. In July, the performances will be staged at the Constitution Square, and in August at Grójecka 65 (in front of OCH Teatr) and in Koneser in Prague. Proposals for the audience included performances for children, among others: "Szaleństwa Lisa Witalisa" ("The Adventures of Lis Witalis") , "Jaś i Małgosia" (“Hansel and Gretel”) or "Czerwony Kapturek ("Little Red Riding Hood") and for adults: "Flamenco namiętnie" ("Flamenco with passion"), "Związek Otwarty ("Open Relationship"), "Lamentacja na Placu Konstytucji ("Lamentation in the Constitution Square"), "Starość jest piękna" ("Old age is great"). Admission to all performances is free of charge.

More information available at the theatre's website.

In the Kwadrat Theatre at Marszałkowska St.

The Kwadrat Theatre also plays during the summer months. The repertoire included the audience's favorite productions: "Szalone Nożyczki" ("Crazy Scissors"), "Kłamstewka ("Little lies"), "Godzina spokoju" ("Hour of Peace") or "Ślub doskonały" ("A Perfect Wedding"). In July, the audience will also see pre-premiere screenings of the new performance, "Za jakie grzechy?" ("For what, dear God?") directed by Andrzej Nejman. It is a multicultural comedy based on a French cinema hit from 2014.

More information available at the theatre's website.

Space for culture

In Mokotów, in Nowy Teatr, you can see Zbigniew Libera's exhibition "Synczyzna". Photographs of the precursor of the so-called critical art are presented on a large stage. Among the works known, though rarely shown, as "Wyjście ludzi z miast" ("People's Exit from Cities" (borrowed for this occasion from the collection of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw) or "Polska Gościnność" ("Polish Hospitality"), the artist will also show completely new productions. In July, there will also be a review of Ulrike Ottinger's films "Pomiędzy dokumentem a kreacją" ("Between a Document and Creation"). The theatre also invites you for a performance entitled "Lost in translation" – free, August semi-camps for young people aged 14-18 from Poland, Ukraine and Belarus.

More information available at the theatre's website.

The Poles do theatre

The Theatre "Teatr Druga Strefa", Warsaw's social cultural institution, invites you to the July proprietary theatre festival #polacyrobiateatr. This year's edition will be the third, and according to
with the festival tradition, the participants of last year's meetings will appear on the stage. What unites them, apart from nationality, is the fact that they create and work outside the country on a daily basis. The program includes, among others: Theater Zentrifuge e.V. Studio 2 from Berlin, „Kkaaffkkaa... wyobraziłeś mnie sobie inaczej...” ("Kkaaffkkaa... you imagined me differently...") and Divaldo Kontra from Slovakia with the performance "Baby Reindeer". Mangrova Teatro from Turin will also perform, presenting the premiere under the title "Tereska K.".

More information available at the theatre's website.

In Komuna Warszawa

Komuna Warszawa, another social cultural institution in Warsaw, invites for cultural events at its headquarters at ul. Emilii Plater 53 The organizers invite for film screenings, theatre performances, field play and cooking school The repertoire, among other things, involves a premiere  performance of "Rytuał Miłosny" ("Love Ritual") directed by Daniel Kotowski, the concert of the legendary group "Księżyc ("The Moon"), Ryûsuke Hamaguchi's award-winning film "W pętli ryzyka i fantazji" ("In the Loop of Risk and Fantasy") at the Berlinale, or the latest film by the Asian cinema master Apichatpong Weerasethakul - "Memoria".

More information available at the theatre's website.