Successful year in the animal shelter "Na Paluchu"

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Successful year in the animal shelter
Successful year in the animal shelter "Na Paluchu"

Last year, the number of pets in the animal shelter "Na Paluchu" decreased nearly by 400 dogs and more than 40 cats. Such a good result is, among others, a result of campaigns promoting adoption. The welfare of animals staying in the animal shelter improves also as a result of conducted repair works.

 - The activities of "Paluch" are very creative. It is clearly visible that non-standard actions bring expected results. The Varsovians noticed that dogs and cats staying in the animal shelter were worth to be adopted. I am very happy with the attitude the inhabitants of our city who are more and more sensitive to the needs of the homeless animals. An expression this is not only the constantly growing number of adopted pets, but also an active participation in campaigns supporting the shelter - says Michał Olszewski, Deputy Mayor of Warsaw.

Dogs and cats in the animal shelter In 2015 the shelter "Na Paluchu" took in 2444 dogs and 1113 cats. This means that the institution was visited by 172 dogs less than in 2014. Instead, it took in more cats, the year before there were 992 of them.
Among all of animals from "Paluch" as many as 958 dogs and 122 cats were in a short period of time reclaimed by their owners. It means the increase in the number of reclaimed pets adequately by 84 and 40 as compared to 2014.
1744 dogs and 957 cats were adopted into a completely new homes.

The old and new owners adopted 2702 dogs and 1079 cats in total, which means that the coefficient of the number of the given up to the adopted animals amounted to, accordingly 110.5% and 97%.
On the New Year's Eve, 31 December 2015,  938 dogs and 35 cats stayedin the shelter for the homeless animals in Warsaw. It means that in 2015 the number of animals staying in the institution decreased by 383 dogs (1321) and 43 cats (78).

Thanks to active promotional activities of the shelter and campaigns encouraging adoption, the number of pets staying "Na Paluchu" within 4 years decreased by more than 1300 animals, from 2299 – 31 October 2010.
The increase in the number of animal adoptions was largely influenced by the introduction of facilities for adopters. Each animal is individually prepared for adoption, and the adopter receives the necessary medical documentation concerning the animal in the period of its stay in the shelter. Adopted pets also undergo castration or sterilization.

Each adopted animal receives a layette containing food for the first five days of stay in the new home. All dogs also receive an anti-parasites collars. For 3 months from adoption the shelter provides consultations of a behaviour specialist, as well as support from volunteers.
In 2015 in the animal shelter were performed castrations and sterilizations of 1293 female/male dogs and 349 female/male cats. It means 29% increase in the number of conducted treatments as compared to 2014.