Stories of Ukrainian animals hidden in paintings

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a cow muzzle in gingery dapples on the background of newspapers
Author: Warszawskie Zoo

"WHY?" – this is the title of the exhibition, which from today can be seen in the Palace of Culture and Science. The exhibition presents moving stories of animals that suffered as a result of the ongoing war in Ukraine.

World Animal Day is celebrated on 4 October. And it is the animals who are the heroes of the exhibition, which from today can be seen in the Palace of Culture and Science (entrance from Marszałkowska Street). Against the background of newspaper clippings from different countries, various animals were painted – victims of suffering caused by the war in Ukraine. The QR codes placed on the colour frames of the paintings redirect to the website with moving stories of the exhibition's heroes. The author of the works is the Ukrainian artist Igor Pavlyuk, the brother of the director of Rivne ZOO.

The indescribable atrocities in Ukraine have affected everyone. Russian aggressors have turned the lives of millions of Ukrainians and countless animals - both domestic and wild - into a disaster. Animals die under fire in zoological gardens, bombed farms or are burned alive in their stables. That's what we know from eyewitnesses. And who knows how many of them die of hunger and thirst when they are left alone in the woods and on the outskirts of the cities? Or how many of them become food for wild people in Russian military uniforms? – says Igor Pavlyuk.

The exhibition will be open until 4 November and will then continue its journey, including the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany and Austria. You can watch it every day, in the main hall and lift hall, from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm. The admission is free. Today, on this special day, on the occasion of World Animal Day, you can go to the exhibition with your own dog.

Aid for Ukrainian animals is still needed

The Warsaw ZOO and the PANDA Foundation have been constantly supporting Ukrainian zoological gardens since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine.

So far, we have sent to Ukraine 6 large-scale transports with gifts from Polish and European zoological gardens. The total value of the aid sent was about PLN 290,000 and almost EUR 118,000. The trucks with gifts reached the Rivne ZOO, and from there they were distributed to other zoos in Ukraine. The transports also included products purchased thanks to funds from the collection organized by the PANDA Foundation of the Warsaw ZOO – says the director of the Warsaw ZOO, Dr Andrzej G. Kruszewicz.

The Warsaw ZOO with the PANDA Foundation collected almost PLN 190,000 through an online collection to save animals in Ukraine, but aid is still needed. Therefore, the collection was resumed.