Stegny Ice Skating Track roofing received building permit

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Stegny Ice Skating Track roofing received building permit
Stegny Ice Skating Track roofing received building permit

On Friday, 20th November, the building design for Stegny Ice Skating Track was approved and a building permit for its roofing has been issued. The adopted design assumes construction of roofing combined with a new building, which will fulfil sports, administrative, service and technical functions.

 - This decision brings us closer to implementation of this investment. I am happy that nearly two months after presentation of the project of the track modernization, we can announce that we have the building permit. – says Jarosław Jóźwiak, Deputy Mayor of the Capital City of Warsaw.

It was necessary to wait 14 days for the decision on the building permit entering into force.
Sports functions of the facility: Thanks to the adopted parameters, the facility will enable organization of competition of international importance in such disciplines as: speed skating, short-track, figure skating, ice hockey and curling.

The modernized facility, apart from sports functions associated with ice sports disciplines will have additional areas in the form of:
•    gymnasium (adapted to the needs of the disabled),
•    squash halls,
•    table tennis halls,
•    fitness, martial arts, dance halls, etc.
•    gym, warm-up hall,
•    sauna, Jacuzzi wellness areas, etc..
•    locker room and sanitary back-up facilities by the training halls.

A treadmill will be built around Ice Skating Track, and, after lining with a special floor, the surface of skating rinks and track will create an area for holding (out of season) other sport disciplines e.g. basketball, volleyball, handball, etc., with an audience with seats for more than 6000 people. Such solution will allow to organize games for additional sport events. In the building there will also be located office rooms, commentators’ cubicles, anti-doping and first aid rooms and facilities related to organization of international competitions adapted to guidelines of particular sport federations.

The basic utility parameters of the investment: The building will be situated with its longer axis in north–south direction. The building and skating track will be covered with a shed roof, sloping towards the east. The main entrance to the building is located on the eastern side in the middle part of the eastern facade. Other entrances, depending on function fulfilled by the building at a given time, are located from the western side (5 entrances to stands) and from north – eastern side, where the entrance for the amateur track users and to a restaurant and leisure part is located. The load-carrying structure of track roofing, consists of triangular lattice wooden girders, made with multi-layer wood, spaced every 6.90 m, with 105m span and height of 9.5 m. Overhanging beams with an overhang of accordingly 13 m and 16.5 m are situated on both sides of a girder. The height of the building is 24.92 m.

The audience is designed for maximally 6259 seating spectators including:
1.    80 seats for the viewers with disabilities and 80 places for carers
2.    2658 places on permanent upper stands
3.    258 VIP seats
4.    3193 places on telescopic lower stands (during spectacular events), 1970 (during speed ice-skating competitions).

Modernization of Stegny Ice Skating Track will create the first indoor ice skating track in Poland. All-year round facility will enable providing appropriate conditions for training athletes as well as preparation of the national team. The concept of "Modernization of Stegny Ice Skating Track" was developed with participation of sports unions: the Polish Speed Skating Association, the Polish Figure Skating Association, the Polish Ice Hockey Federation and the Polish Curling Association.
Implementation of the investment will contribute to the increase in number of children and teenagers participating in sports training. In addition, sports offer for the residents of Warsaw will be improved, which to a significant extent will contribute to popularization of physical activity and active forms of spending free time and development of healthy habits and behaviours.

The decision on modernization of Stegny Ice Skating Track was made in the middle of 2014.On 24th March this year a contract was signed with the contractor preparing the project documentation for modernization of Stegny Ice Skating Track – company Kontrapunkt V-Projekt Design and Investment Team.