Social welfare

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Social welfare is about supporting individuals and families in difficult life situations. It covers an extensive scope of services, from ad hoc financial and legal aid, to providing subsistence to those who are unable to sustain themselves. Warsaw's Social Welfare Centres (OPS) are assigned to individual districts.

If you are in a difficult life situation, contact your district’s SWC to learn the type and level of support you quality for.

The following individuals are entitled to social welfare benefits:

  • foreigners residing and staying in the Republic of Poland:

a) based on a permanent-residence permit, a residence permit for EU long-term residents, a temporary-residence permit for family reunification for foreigners granted refugee status or subsidiary protection, or a residence permit for EU long-term residents issued by another EU Member State, or based on refugee status or subsidiary protection granted in the Republic of Poland;

b) based on a residence permit issued in the Republic of Poland on humanitarian grounds or a permit for tolerated stay – provided as shelter, food, essential clothing and a special-purpose benefit;

  • foreigners residing and staying in the Republic of Poland who are citizens of EU Member States, EFTA Member States, States which are parties to the Agreement on the European Economic Area, or citizens of the Swiss Confederation, and members of their families who have the right of residence or the right of permanent residence in the Republic of Poland.

Addresses of warsaw's social welfare centres: