Small subsidies for integration

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The International Cooperation Office has concluded a competition for small subsidies to support the integration of foreigners legally residing in the territory of Poland and living or planning to live in Warsaw. There have been five projects selected, presenting various ideas for integrating Warsaw residents of various nations.

Integrating activities for women

The projects:  "There is more that connects us than divides us" submitted by the Salvation Army Foundation and "Neighbors and Friends - Integration Activities for Women" submitted by the Association for the Development of Civil Society Pro Humanum, are the result of the wide and longtime experience in integration activities for foreigners. The projects assume a number of joint activities - from culinary workshops combining the traditions of different cuisines, through creative classes and handicraft workshops, to sightseeing tours in Warsaw.

According to the NGOs - such meetings "are a response to the need of emotional support and a feeling of loneliness experienced by people of other origins”. They are also  "a way to build bridges" and an opportunity to learn from the traditions of other nationalities.

Creating common space

Another project – “ Deep Urban Dive - workshops and exhibition on taming urban space" is an innovative initiative. The Association Research and Development Flaneur will conduct outdoor creative workshops in selected locations in the city, together with Warsaw inhabitants of various nationalities.

The project aims to encourage people to get involved in local activities by collective creative thinking, open dialogue about the quality of urban life and possible initiatives to make the city a better place to live in.

The design thinking method in the creative process not only opens minds, but also teaches empathy – as the NGO representative says.

Writing a fairy tale

"Collective writing of a fairy tale - preparation of a multicultural fairy tale for children and adults" addresses children and families. The project was prepared by the Association Group of Theater and Media Projects, which plans to invite representatives of different nationalities to write a fairy tale based on the motives of different cultures. There will be a ceremonial reading of the fairy tale with the participation of foreign families and artists, with elements of an exhibition showing the stages of work on the text.

Sport activities for children and youth

The Foundation for Education and Entrepreneurship has an idea to integrate children and youth  from Ukraine through sports activities. The classes are intended not only to support physical development and promote this form of spending free time, but also  to prevent the exclusion of children from Ukraine through sports activities with Polish children - as the project initiator emphasizes.

All projects will start soon and will be implemented by the end of the year. We will comment on the most interesting activities on this website.


Translated from Polish by: International Cooperation Department, Activities for Foreigners Coordination Team