Singer's Warsaw

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author: Sebastian Szulfer
author: Sebastian Szulfer. City of Warsaw

The seventh edition of the Jewish Culture Festival "Singer's Warsaw" started on August 28th. The Festival is organized by the Shalom Foundation with the financial support of the City Hall for the three-year cycle.

For nine days Próżna St. was full of life inspiring the visitors to learn more about Jewish culture, just as Isaac Beshevis Singer was inspiring his readers. The aim of this very special event was to restore the prewar climate of Próżna St. for these several days and to show Polish Jews’ lost world.

The central point of this year's edition was a symphonic concert, "Kaddish" in the Church of All Saints (Kościół Wszystkich Świętych) at the Grzybowski Square.
Festival offered not only music but also theater projects - visual and poetic.
Among the theatre performance proposals, there was one of the best - "She was never even here at all" by Yiddishpiel theater from Israel.

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author: Sebastian Szulfer. City of Warsaw
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author: Jacek Barcz. City of Warsaw