Sinfonia Varsovia in miniature on the Vistula Boulevards

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Author: Dzielnica Wisła

What will the most modern concert hall in the capital city look like? Beginning on Saturday, it will be on view as a detailed one-tenth scale model as part of the "Sinfonia Varsovia in scale" exhibition on the Vistula Boulevards.

The model will be on display from 30 April through 2 October from 9 AM to 9 PM. It is located in the pavilion on the Bohdan Grzymała-Siedlecki Boulevard, next to the Mermaid Monument. Admission is free.

The acoustic model is a faithful representation of the future main concert hall, which will be the heart of the Sinfonia Varsovia Center – Sinfonia Varsovia’s new headquarters to be built at 272 Grochowska Street in Warsaw's Kamionek neighborhood. The winner of the tender competition for demolition works, the first stage of construction works of this project, is to be announced.

The one-tenth scale model served to plan the acoustics of the concert hall, which will accommodate almost 1900 audience members! It will be the largest concert hall in Poland.

The boards around the model present visualizations of the entire Sinfonia Varsovia Center and the history of the orchestra in a nutshell. Visitors of the Pavilion are welcomed by music and moving images: video recordings of Sinfonia Varsovia musicians (the "Concerts in scale" series) and an artistic timelapse documenting the construction of the model and the acoustic tests performed in it.

– We would like to show the visitors of the Boulevards how Sinfonia Varsovia and Warsaw's right bank will change in the near future. This exhibition will take the residents of Warsaw on a journey through the beautiful and rich history of the orchestra – says Janusz Marynowski, director of Sinfonia Varsovia.

The location of the pavilion in the central part of the Vistula district on the Bohdan Grzymała-Siedlecki Boulevard is symbolic. This is where two sections of the Boulevards meet – the new one and the one soon to be revitalized. The exhibition is located right next to the exit of the Copernicus Science Center station and near the symbol of the capital – the Mermaid Monument. The pavilion offers a picturesque view of the river. Visitors can sit on the grass in front of the pavilion and enjoy the view while listening to classical music.


– Culture has always had a special place in the Vistula district. The river welcomes all kinds of art, but we do have a weak spot for classical music. Last year, we had the pleasure to work with Sinfonia Varsovia during the Vistula Festival. This season, we target our activities to bring the two banks closer together. We will meet not only in the Education Pavilion “Kamień” for an intimate concert, but also by the river. Warszawski Plażowy will invite children to participate in educational activities held by the chamber ensemble of Sinfonia Varsovia – says Jan Piotrowski, plenipotentiary of the Mayor of Warsaw for the Vistula River. – Culture on the Vistula, that's what we are about!