Several hundred architectural barriers have been eliminated

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Several hundred architectural barriers have been eliminated.
Several hundred architectural barriers have been eliminated.

An amount exceeding PLN 2,000,000 is to be spent on eliminating architectural barriers in 2017. Last year such measures were implemented in over 197 locations, considered challenging in terms of urban traffic, which cost over PLN 1,000,000.

For four years the City of Warsaw has cooperated with the creators of the Warsaw Map of Barriers, in a project aimed at removing architectural barriers from Warsaw streets. Each year Warsaw councillors allocate budget funds for this purpose – in 2016 road management authorities received PLN 1,300,000. At the beginning of 2016, the Road Investment & Maintenance Coordination Department of the City of Warsaw, jointly with the Municipal Roads Authority and district authorities, verified the barriers reported. As a result, 197 burdensome locations were identified in which the existing barriers could be eliminated easily and quickly, in order to facilitate urban traffic without the need to undertake costly investments.
Prospects for 2017
This year an impressive amount of PLN 2,200,000 is to be spent on eliminating architectural barriers. Along with PLN 1,000,000 from the city's budget allocated for this purpose, the Municipal Roads Authority will provide an additional PLN 1,000,000, and the Road Investment & Maintenance Coordination Department will contribute PLN 200,000 from its own resources.
Five Warsaw districts (Śródmieście, Mokotów, Rembertów, Wawer and Wesoła) have identified 78 barriers which need to be eliminated. The Mokotów District will conduct work, inter alia, along Jana Bytnara “Rudego” Street, which will consist of lowering kerbstones at the junction with crossing streets. The Rembertów District has plans to eliminate barriers, among other things, on Jaworzniaków, Kordiana, Magenta, Gawędziarzy and Konwisarska Streets.

The Public Areas Authority (in the Śródmieście District) intends to improve the quality of crossings, inter alia, on Inflancka, Sapieżyńska and Karmelicka Streets. In the Wawer District, crossings on Bystrzycka Street at the junctions with Trocinowa, Bartoszycka, Biernacka, Podkowy and Oliwkowa Streets will be modernised, along with crossings on Odrodzenia Street at the junctions with Homera and Szoferska Streets, and on Bajkowa Street at junctions with Klimatyczna, Wielostronna, Pomologiczna, Słotna, Ulanowska and Junaków Streets. The construction works will include the lowering of kerbstones on both sides, the use of yellow warning plates on both sides, and pavement reconstruction.

The Municipal Roads Authority will undertake work at around 200 spots requiring minor repairs, under a framework agreement (a tender procedure is to be announced soon). These locations are currently being identified with the assistance of non-governmental organisations. Apart from that, road services will remove architectural barriers as part of weekend surface replacements, as well as pavement, cycling-lane and bus-stop construction and repair work. It is planned that new flyovers will be constructed above Czerniakowska Street next to Chełmska Street, and above Raszyńska Street next to Koszykowa Street. Comprehensive redevelopment work will be conducted along Miodowa Street and Jana Pawła II Avenue, as a result of which they will not only acquire an aesthetic look but will also be easily accessible to all residents. New flyovers will also be constructed in the vicinity of the Main Railway Station (Dworzec Centralny), next to the Czterdziestolatka Roundabout.