Rediscover Chopin's Warsaw

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Rediscover Chopin's Warsaw.Fot. E.Lach
Rediscover Chopin's Warsaw.Fot. E.Lach

Thanks to modern technologies which are used in culture, the figure of Frederick Chopin has been visible on the streets of Warsaw for 150 years – almost literally. Implementation of the project entitled "Chopin's Warsaw" co-financed by the European Union is almost completed.

Fashionable tailcoat, fancy tied foulard and playful gaze – this is Frederick Chopin created by Warsaw Tourist Office for the needs of the project entitled "Chopin's Warsaw". The juvenile appearance of the composer is not accidental: Chopin spent first 20 years of his life in Warsaw.

Where did the idea of refreshing the figure of Frederick Chopin come from? The creators want to reach the young recipients who not necessarily are familiar with classical music. For this purpose they have used innovative technologies.

Where can Frederick Chopin be found?
 Fans of "selfie" will be appreciated. "Selfie with Chopin" application makes it possible to take a photograph, on which – apart from the author –the virtual figure of Frederick Chopin will automatically appear. It is enough to stand near one of the seven locations with which Chopin was connected.

Warsaw from before two hundred years – in the pocket
Within the project, a mobile application entitled "Chopin in Warsaw" was established (for iOS and Android). This application, just like time machine, allows users to see the city where Frederick Chopin studied and raised.
It is also an ideal solution for people who search for interesting events devoted to the artist:  information on international festivals, concerts and exhibitions is available in one place.

Meeting with a genius
The virtual core of the project constitutes the website. This is the place where you can download mobile applications, see movies presenting vibrant Chopin's Warsaw and concerts in Royal Łazienki Museum, which every year attracts thousands of young people. On the website you may read the biography of the composer, filled with curiosities, in nine languages or see structures and places related to Chopin presented on spherical panoramas which ensure looking around in all directions.

Project completed by Warsaw Tourist Office in cooperation with the European Development Fund of Warsaw City Hall is co-financed by the European Union from European Regional Development Fund under Regional Operational Program for Mazowieckie Voivodeship for the period of 2007-2013. Partners of the project are National Institute of Frederick Chopin and University of Warsaw.

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