Recruitment process for the 2017 Miss Wheelchair World contest has started!

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Recruitment process for the 2017 Miss Wheelchair World contest has started!
Recruitment process for the 2017 Miss Wheelchair World contest has started!

In September, Warsaw will witness the arrival of wonderful women in wheelchairs from all around the world who, for the first time in history, will compete for the Miss Wheelchair World crown. In addition to the social impact of the event, it will also provide an opportunity to exchange information on the latest scientific and medical achievements.

Recruitment for the Miss Wheelchair World is under way until 20th August 2017. Starting 29th September 2017, finalists chosen in the process will participate in preparations for the Final Gala. The project aims to support women with disabilities in their striving for independence, as well as to boost their professional and social activity.

‘For the first time in history, wheelchair-bound women will compete for the crown and title of Miss Wheelchair World in Warsaw, Poland. This extraordinary beauty contest’s objective is to change the image and perception of women with disabilities, break stereotypes and prejudice, as well as combat discrimination of women with disabilities in Poland and in the world,’ says Hanna Gronkiewicz Waltz, Mayor of Warsaw, and adds, ‘Each year, we take action in order to liquidate different kinds of barriers in our city. We want Warsaw to be a friendly city, open and available to everyone.’

No more than 25 finalists selected during the recruitment process will participate in the Final Gala of the Miss Wheelchair World 2017. Each country hosting a national wheelchair beauty contest will have a chance to present 2 candidates, whereas other countries, in which the national beauty contest does not take place, will be given an opportunity to present only one candidate as a so called wild card, provided they cooperate with the organizers of the contest. The grand finale of the contest, proceeded by a week-long miss wheelchair workshop, will take place on 7th October 2017 during an official gala.

The City of Warsaw will be the host of the event organized by the Only One foundation which works towards drawing the attention of potential employees to people with disabilities, as well as enabling them to be a part of the world of fashion, advertising campaigns and photo shoots.

For more information, please visit the official website of the Miss Wheelchair World:, and the website of the organizers of the contest, the Only One Foundation: You can also visit the fan pages of the Miss Wheelchair World and the Only One Foundation on Facebook.