Receive a municipal grant to get rid of your old furnace

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Residents of Warsaw who apply this year for a grant for the disposal of their old furnaces, can have 100% of the costs reimbursed. How can you receive support from the City and have your house heated in an environmentally friendly way? You will have all your questions answered during district meetings.

Where can you apply for the grant? How much money can you receive from the City to have your old furnace upgraded? Municipal officers will provide relevant advice to residents between 25 February and 24 April.

Get the grant to dispose of your black-smoke-belching boiler
Residents of Warsaw can receive grants for the replacement of their black-smoke-belching boilers and installation of heat pumps, electric heating systems, gas boilers, or connection to the heat distribution network.

In addition, those residents who decide to dispose of their old furnaces can also receive funds for renewable energy sources such as solar thermal collectors, PV systems, or wind turbines, to support the new, greener heating system. The grant will also provide reimbursement for new or upgraded central heating systems and domestic hot water systems.

The most favourable grants are earmarked for applications made in 2020, where up to 100% of the costs are to be reimbursed. Later, in 2021, the grant amount will be reduced to 90%, and in 2022 to 70%.
Grant applications can be submitted to any district office or to the Air Protection and Climate Policy Department (Biuro Ochrony Powietrza i Polityki Klimatycznej). Applicants can submit the documents throughout the year (until 31 December 2022). For more information, please visit

The City combats smog
In 2019, Warsaw accepted about 800 applications for grants for boiler replacement in privately owned flats. These projects either were completed in 2019 or will be completed in early 2020. The City itself disposed of 540 of black-smoke-belching furnaces from its own resources.